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Awesome / Justice League Dark: Apokolips War

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As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

  • Let’s hand it to Darkseid, he practically won the war before the battle even began. He turned the Justice League’s plan on its head, and with all of the heavy hitters out of the way, he tore Earth apart. And this was all without even leaving his own home. There’s a good reason he’s feared.
  • Wonder Woman puts up a solid fight against Darkseid's cyborgs, especially when they are her own comrades.
  • Darkseid vs Trigon. A fight between two powerful entities that fans have wanted to see finally happening.
    • Trigon possessing Superman's body, which causes Superman to grow two horns, four eyes, his hair and beard gets grown out, his symbol on his chest becomes fiery, and he wears a fiery cape. But most importantly, his possession purges the Kryptonite in his body which allows Superman to use his powers again. When Darkseid fires his Omega Beam at him, Trigon fires his eye beam from only two eyes at it; the Beam-O-War starts out evenly matched, but once Trigon uses his other two eyes, he's able to overpower it and make Darkseid bleed. When they actually start fighting, Darkseid has trouble retaliating.
      Super-Trigon: So, you are one of the so-called "New Gods". I am unimpressed.
  • After Superman is able to kick Trigon out of his body, Darkseid is able to trap his partial form in his Omega Beam prison.
  • Cyborg has the last word on Apokolips's fate.
    Cyborg: Suck it, bitches.
    • Cyborg opens an Apokolips-Sized Boom Tube to suck the planet in, tearing it apart in the process.
    • And unlike Darkseid, Trigon doesn’t try to futilely escape. He just immediately grabs onto Darkseid to make sure he doesn’t and starts laughing, for no other reason than the immense satisfaction in both him and Darkseid knowing how screwed they were and that he wasn’t getting out of it. And if you listen closely, before his Big "NO!" and his attempt to get away, you can hear Darkseid saying "You're mad!". Trigon and Cyborg Horrifying the Horror that is Darkseid.
    • Trigon didn’t even know about Cyborg’s plan as first. The second the portal showed up, all he knew was that what was going to happen was bad for him and Darkseid, and it was a good chance to make Darkseid suffer.
    • Darkseid’s death in general. Just the fact that after he turned the Earth and everyone’s lives into a living hell that was so bad that time needed to be rebooted again, he dies screaming on his own planet with no way out. Never as a Big "NO!" sounded more satisfying.
  • Captain Boomerang and Harley Quinn being two of the three Suicide Squad members that are still alive when Lexcorp Tower detonates was pretty damn awesome. King Shark deserves a mention, too, as he was using his teeth (laced with kryptonite) to fend off the Paradooms, yet he survived as long as Boomerang and Harley. He was the only survivor that used melee weapons, making King Shark's survival much more amazing (when even Bane and Black Manta were killed before the tower detonated).
  • May double as a Tear Jerker, depending on your perspective, but the final few moments are an incredibly powerful mix of emotions. The heroic score as Barry initiates a new Flashpoint gives way to a slow, bittersweet melody as the heroes watch the darkness of their world swept away by blinding light. Superman, Wonder Woman and Batman are the last ones to fade.