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Headscratchers / Incredible Crew

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  • In the "Young Lady Gaga" skit, when Gaga is in the principal's office and she's responding to all of his statements with song titles, he then takes what looks like an album, even though she's still in school and too young to have made even a mixtape.
    • She also apparently knew what her songs were going to be named as a kid.
    • And she also laid down her fashion style.
  • Why is everyone in the "Santa Claus Hunters" skit so scared of Santa?
  • In the "Perso" skit, after the characters of a kids show transform into letters, they try to reform themselves to a different word to turn back into humans. They end up making "PERSO". They could've made "HUMAN".
    • It's probably for the best that "person" didn't work.

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