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Headscratchers / In Plain Sight

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  • In "Who's Bugging Mary?", O'Connor threatens to charge Mary with the same crimes as Brandi. So they'd be charging Mary with being a party to the kidnapping of... herself? Yeah, that's getting past a jury.
    • Well, all the crimes except that one, then.
  • Even if she is really good at her job,why wouldn't Mary's co-workers call her on her attitude? Daily? While it might be OK in small doses,it would be tiring working a small office w/ a person that has limited social skills and empathy. Unless,of course, they were your boss or you were related.
    • For several years, only Marshall and Stan had to deal with her for extended periods, and they actually like her. By the time anyone else moved into their space, she had seniority (third in command in a slowly growing office) and had proven herself to be a damn good agent enough that exceptions could be made for her.
  • Why was the theme tune slightly changed for the latest season?
    • I noticed that too. what bugged me so much was how similar it was to the last one. The only thing i can think of was that they wanted to use Mary's more somber opening narration. Her narration had the same words but a different emotion behind it. Likewise, the music was changed to be the same, but just a tad different to match. I think.
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  • Why didn't Mary wait until the track was empty to dump her father's ashes? Those riders must have gotten a faceful.
  • Why do the characters act as though Mary is a villain to her family? When her mother or sister screw up, the person who gets the most heat is Mary, even though Mary tries to help them get on their feet in every possible way.
    • Situations with Mary's family are never logical. It's a characterization thing.

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