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Headscratchers / Igor

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  • What if you had a hunchbacked baby boy and named him Robert or John or Albert or something?
    • He'd grow up and be nicknamed "Igor"?
  • What if you had a hunchbacked baby girl?
    • We saw that: she'll mooch some transformation-pills and pose as a non-hunchback.
  • How was Eva the first time someone has created life? During the climax of the film we see that at least two other scientists have created living inventions, like the giant plant monster or the ball of slime, so clearly Eva was not the first example of life.
    • Probably they weren't created life forms, but existing organisms which the Mad Scientist in question had modified to make more deadly.
    • Lampshaded by Malbert, who mentions that while lots of MadScientists have mutated life, none of them have created life whole cloth.
  • Furthermore, why is inventing life so important if they're just going to be used as mindless killing machines? Can't a robot be used for that?
    • Igor mentions that such a creation wouldn't need to be directed by its maker, but could be set loose to destroy things on its own. Artificial intelligence may not be advanced enough for a robot to do that yet. And the inventions' demonstration required them to be "mindless killing machines" because nobody's come up with one that could be more than that until Igor did.
  • Why is Schadenfreude the only evil scientist or even person who ever attempted to overthrow King Malbert? Malbert doesn't seem to have much security, only having two royal guards and the fact that Schadenfreude as able to just walk right to the king's box and literally boot him out shows he didn't really need the monster to achieve his goal.
  • Were Malbert's royal guards in on the deception? We don't see them at the end.
  • Jacklyn finds out there are no more pills and then she turns back into her true hunchback form? What? Where did it say there was a time limit to her transformations? She's been in her Jacklyn form for like how many years? How did she not run out of transformation pills until now?
    • Same way anyone runs out of their medication, really. We have no idea where she gets the pills, how often she needs to get a refill, etc. It's possible she noticed she was running low on previous occasions and this is just the first time she forgot to re-up before taking her last pill.
  • Dr. Schadenfreude finally learns about the deception and he still declares himself the new king? The deception is over. There's no way for him to control the people, who are obviously not going to follow an evil king anymore.
    • He’s an egotistical villain. ‘Nuff said.
    • Even if Malaria isn't going to remain evil, it still needs a head of state. Schadenfreude is a celebrity, and thought he could trade on his fame to waltz into the throne room before anyone thought to question his right to call finders, keepers on it.
  • Isn't it hypocritical to call King Malbert, King Malbert the Liar, when Schadenfreude is guilty of lying to everyone that all the inventions he stole were his own?
  • In relation, how did he even manage to get away with stealing inventions from other scientists when they should recognize said inventions as his own?
    • Who is everyone going to believe—the rich and famous superstar scientist who keeps winning awards, or some lower unknown who claims their invention was stolen? It's all about reputation.
  • Glickenstine is one of, if not the dumbest evil scientists in Malaria. So why is he Malbert's first choice of a scientist to beat Dr. Schadenfreude instead of a more competent one?
    • We haven't really seen any of the other scientists up close and personal. It's possible they are all as bad as old Glicky, and the only thing keeping them from blowing themselves up is sheer dumb luck.
  • How did the man fly and the fly men from the Brain Wash come to be, and why is Carl Crystal invisible? It's unlikely even storm clouds can do that.
  • Am I the only one confused by the fact that Malbert's idea for a mad science-based economy is to basically hold the world ransom with various doomsday devices? A) What's keeping the other nations of the world from marshalling their armed forces and declaring war on Malaria, and B) Wouldn't make more sense to sell said doomsday machines on the black market?
    • The doomsday devices are scary and massive, and Igor said in the opening that the inventions are the kind that kill you, bring you back to life, and kill you again way worse. Even armed forces would be wary of that.
    • And who’s to say Malarians didn’t sell weapons and other such things on the black market? They just don’t sell the real doomsday devices.