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Here at last is a section where you can put all those nagging questions that have had you scratching your head about various stories.

Before you add a new entry, see if it's on the page already. If no Headscratchers page currently exists for the work you're confused about, feel free to add one. Just type Headscratchers/NameOfShow?action=edit in your html bar, and voila! It should appear as an icon on the main page once you're done. Remember to index it on the correct page afterward.

Note: This is for sincere questions, and discussing Fridge Logic. Not complaining like "Why does <insert anything here> suck so much?". That's why we axed the original name, "It Just Bugs Me". Also, tropes no longer have Headscratchers pages after this discussion. It would also be a good idea to put possible answers you have in the Fridge Brilliance section, and don't put opinions in the Headscratchers page. Asking questions about why the writers wanted you to like a certain character or plot might not be such a good idea.

As they are only for post-viewing discussion, Headscratchers pages should not be created for unreleased works.


Alternative Title(s): Headscratchers, Musings