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Headscratchers / Five Nights at Freddy's: The Musical

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  • How did Mark manage to get MatPat's chainsaw flamethrower? Mat inadvertently used it to burn the pizzeria down, and had the police found it, it likely would have been confiscated as evidence. Yet Mark uses it to grill hot dogs.
    • In the supercut comment answering video, AJ says that Mark blackmailed the cops that arrested him by saying that if they didn't give it to him (read: leave it in an alleyway somewhere), he would tell their superior that they released a dangerous criminal (AKA: Mark) onto the streets.
  • "Ground Zero" implies that the Bite of '87 victim, Eggs Benedict, was an employee as per game canon, but Purple Guy mentions in Night 5 that it was a child. Were there two bites or is child labour just another law Fazbear Entertainment likes to break?
    • There may have been two bites; remember that Nate also remembers seeing the bite, and he was only hired at the end of "Ground Zero."

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