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  • Late manga bugs: Why don't they just kill each other? We've seen that neither Kabapu nor Il Palazzo has any compunctions about murder, so you'd think they'd be fairly more ruthless about removing the one man who stands between their goal and themselves, especially now that both are out in the open. Fair enough, Il Palazzo demonstrated that teleport trick, so he might just as well be unkillable via mundane methods - and attempting to do so might just break their Masquerade, an outcome probably not desired by either of the two. Still, there must be a better method than playing these political power games.
    • They are both nuts. Furthermore, only Kabapu has shown interest in killing Il Palazzo, not vice versa, and it's unclear whether even he is seriously behind this conviction. Il Palazzo seems to enjoy messing with Kabapu way too much to ever consider eliminating him.
  • And regarding those games, how can Kabapu even lose? He's got the backing of the entire national government, so local stock market trends and corruption scandals could probably be very easily covered up or blamed to someone else. The only reasons I can think of are that either he did indeed have backing a long time ago - so long that all his original supporters are now dead and replaced, and Kapabu is finally independent but also totally devoid of support - or Il Palazzo approached those same authorities and curtailed their favor by being more open about Solarian secrets. Neither sounds very likely, though.
    • Kabapu has no such thing. He gained relative immunity to his actions by bribing some officials with his "overtechnology", but that's a far cry from saying that the entire Japanese government would be behind him. Furthermore, he mentions silencing some of the people who demanded more technology by giving them straight cash instead, indicating that he was never conventionally paid by whatever he gave; he just gained favours here and there, that he probably used to ensure his sovereignity over Fukuoka in the first place.
  • Why did Menchi return to Excel and Hyatt's apartment after having her adventure with the other dogs? Even if she has a machine gun, wouldn't she be afraid of Excel trying to eat her again? Also, why not just search for a new owner who doesn't mind lack of a collar?
    • F City's pretty messed up as it is. The fact that Excel was the first one to find Menchi after she ran away says a little something about the city's attitude toward animals.
    • If you accept info from the manga, Menchi is in fact a super-rare extra-intelligent dog specimen with street value of millions of yen. She'd probably end up as a test animal or into the black market quite quickly. But also, don't expect such base things as logic to apply in a series like Excel Saga.
    • Actually, what ever did happen to that machine gun? Not that it matters.
  • What the hell is ACROSS trying to do in the first place?
    • They explain their goals every single episode. Sheesh.
  • Why does this page even exist?
    • Wow. I thought the exact same thing!
      • Amen, really you could just sum this page up with the phrase "The Whole Frickin' Series" if you're the logical type.
  • Menchi looks more like a cat than a dog. Did anybody else think that?
    • I thought that for a while even after Menchi is said to be a dog, honestly.
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    • Actually lampshaded in the manga when Umi and "Teriha" meet Menchi and aren't sure what species she is.
    • She definitely seems to have cat ears...
      • To someone who has just seen a picture of her, I can see how that would be confusing, but her ears look like pointy dog ears to me, like Huskies and Pomeranians have. Given that the story is set in Japan, she looks to me like a Japanese Spitz with her white fur color (or else a Pomeranian, which I have seen suggested elsewhere).
      • One of the next episode previews has Menchi barking something, only for Excel to say "I don't speak Pomeranian!"
    • At first I thought it was a running gag for everybody in the show mistaking Menchi for a dog instead of a cat. I first realised she is supposed to be a dog after reading the wikipedia page...
    • Word of God is that Rikudo has heard of people mistaking Menchi for a cat, but Menchi is a dog and he drew Menchi based on a dog he once saw on TV.
  • When the gaming menu comes up, what is that "Put it in" option? If it is what I think...
    • If you're thinking Rule 34 territory, then yes.
  • In the manga, they translated Sumiyoshi's speech as a Geordie British accent. It would have been bad enough if he had a Southern United States accent, or a regular British accent, but as it is, his speech is nearly impossible to decipher without multiple readings. WHY?! WHY DID THEY DO THIS?! The translator responsible for this should be fired.
    • Because the translator thought it defines the cultural differences better than any other option available. And this troper is not a native English-speaker, yet has no trouble whatsoever in understanding Sumiyoshi. You're exaggerating the difficulty quite a bit.
      • Here's an example from the text, judge for yourself: "Erm... it's a lirril had t' explain mam. They telt me I should tek sum time t' think th' situation awah." "I'm sur glad yur hurm, big brothaa!"
    • His Funetik Aksent is one thing I LOVE about the manga and it made me aware of Geordie. It also makes me like Sumiyoshi even more.
  • I know Nabeshin's outfit is a shout out to Lupin III, but am I the only one who also saw a strong influence from Spike Spiegel? The afro is certainly reminiscent of Spike's... unique hairstyle. Besides, that'd make Nabeshin the awesome fusion of the two most famous Watanabe in animation.
    • In Episode Three they have a very Julia-like character who had prior relationships with him die in his arms and then promotes him to...pull assault rifles from his afro and go into berserk mode? The show even references the fact that they look similar in one of Excel's inane talking sprees.
      • That character is based on Maetel from Galaxy Express 999, not Julia from Cowboy Bebop. If I recall correctly, the death-scene is a reference to a yet another anime, but again, not Cowboy Bebop.
      • I thought the death scene was referencing Julia. The similarities are just too remarkable to be a coincidence, and given how Excel Saga parodies anime it would make perfect sense.
  • In the final episode, why didn't the Great Will reset the world when the whole world was flooded?
  • In the final episode, what happened to Cosette's mother and why is she back to being an assassin?
    • Cosette's mother is still alive, but Cosette still has her murderous intent from before the reset.
      • Or again, the final episode didn't really happen.
  • How did Ms. Momochi get Tenmangu's phone number?

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