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If Tom's intros in "Dumbass Has a Point" were so bad as to make Dana claim he has no technical skill and can't do anything right, then why does she tell him to make a better intro? In her opinion, isn't anything he does going to turn out crap anyway?

  • From her point of view, just trying to fix it would be better than doing nothing, even if she thought it was still going to be crap.
  • Wouldn't you do the same?
    • No, if I thought he couldn't make a good opening sequence, I'd find someone who could instead of telling him to do better when I know he can't.
      • She doesn't have that option. The vlog is Tom's thing, not hers; he hired her to be the producer. She's not in a position to "get someone else."

How come we can see the opening titles in the first three episodes if they haven't even been made until the fourth?

  • Origin story?
  • What we're seeing is not the vlogs, it's "The Making of" the vlogs, which wouldn't have been released until at least a few episodes were done.
  • Episode 10 reveals that they produced several vlogs that were rejected before they had the idea to re-cut them using the behind the scenes footage shot be Zack. This also explains why Dana is in the early episodes even though she wasn't officially added to the cast until the Terrible Interviewees Montage episode

In episode 3, the Administrator is not happy at Tom referring to himself in the first person, yet Dana did it seconds earlier. And Tom has done it before. So why is the Admin so annoyed about it at that moment?

  • The Administrator just doesn't like Tom?* He says "A troper just referred to themselves in the first person" and goes to make an example out of them. I don't think he considers them tropers at all. And if he does have a wiki sense that detects when someone is using This Troper in real time, that explains a lot about his disposition.
  • He doesn't like people referring to themselves on the wiki. It's obviously going to happen in real life.
  • Dana's not a troper; Tom is.

What were Tom and Zack filming for three hours before they met up with Dana in Walk and Talk that required Zack to walk backwards the whole time?

  • Practising the Walk and Talk? Or maybe Zack was just being stupid? Or possibly Tom was just torturing him for fun?

If Dana really dislikes Tom, why is she sitting on the same bed watching TV with him rather than trying to desperately get her car fixed? Or take public transport? Or even trying to walk home? And for that matter, why is Zack still filming them?

  • Dana likes Tom more than she'd let on, and really doesn't hate him, and Zack is in love with Dana, so he'd stick around.
    • Why not at least admit friendship, then? I don't think it would honestly make her vulnerable to admit to being friendly with a person.
  • Zack likes to film random things.

Just what is the Hand Puppet thing that Zack shows in the first episode?

  • Maybe he was mocking Tom.
    • He is, but I want to know what it is meant to be? Bird? Monster? Mythological creature? Mutant?
      • Yes.
      • It's a hand puppet, it doesn't need its own species.

In episode 8, why did Tom have Zack follow them around the entire date? Even Zack lampshades it.

  • He's clearly very dedicated to the project.
  • Tom said that he was thinking of using some of the shots for the video.
  • Rule of Funny.

Who was filming Zack while he was filming his meeting with Mr Administrator? question raised by Kyler Thatch in the Echo Chamber thread in the forums

  • The Administrator has several unmanned cameras set up in his little domain? On a related note, who was filming Zack and Tom in episode 4 in that brief moment when Dana leaves for the night and it cuts to a view of Zack holding the camera?
    • Maybe Zack had more than one camera, left the other one on a table or something while it was on and forgot about it.
  • Another cameraman shadows Zack on the orders of the Administrator. He also provides the alternate angles where Zack shouldn't have been able to get them.

Why would Shannon name her blog "Stalker with a Crush"? She doesn't seem that self-aware.

  • And why does out-of-character Tom now have access to it?

What happens if a trope they've already made an episode on gets renamed?

  • Will they just have to re-do the episode?
  • Renamed tropes are still referenced as examples on works pages by their original names, so this would merely be an extension of this.

So, um... who's side do you guys think we're supposed to be on here?

  • Just, you know... curious.

Wasn't there supposed to be a third season?

I'm happy for Tom Pike getting that job at Netflix, but I'm still curious; does this mean the third season will never happen?

In "Terrible Interviewees Montage", why are there two men auditioning when Mr. Administrator specifically demanded that Tom add a female guest?


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