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Headscratchers / The Editing Room

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  • Seriously, what does "–" mean?
  • Snape's speech from Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2. Is it supposed to be a reference to something?
    ALAN RICKMAN: (gasping) I loved your mother since we were children. We used to laugh and frolic in the grass, but the sorting hat sat her next to your father at lunch and over the next few years I got to watch them fall in love. (coughing) Occasionally they would fight and she'd confide in me and cry on my shoulder. I would tell her he didn't deserve her with the hope that she'd realize how sweet and sensitive I was and kiss me. But alas, she would always go back to him. (rasping) Once I joked about the possibility of us getting together, but she told me she valued our friendship too much and loved me "like a sister." Things got awkward and we drifted apart, though I would read her Facebook status updates every day. (panting) Eventually the two of them invited me to their wedding, but during their first dance I slipped out the back door, went home, and opened a bottle of Jack Daniel's. I removed a graduation picture of the three of us from the frame and folded your father back, then imagined my life with her. I futilely tried to masturbate, but instead I wound up crying myself to sleep on my futon.


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