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Headscratchers / Duckman

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  • In "Hamlet 2: This Time It's Personal" Cornfed appears to Duckman in what seems to be a projected illusion. They begin to converse as if on a video phone call. Cornfed then steps out of the image and into the room. Duckman is astounded. Cornfed states it's merely an invention of his. None of this is a headscratcher — it's certainly within Cornfed's character to invent such a device. What's confusing is that Cornfed says it "has no practical application other than impressing chicks." While this is indeed the most important application — it is by no means the only practical application for an astral-projection/teleportation device.
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  • Why is it that in "You've Come a Wrong Way, Baby" it's revealed that Agnes is still posing as Grandma-ma but in "Crime, Punishment, War, Peace, and the Idiot" (earlier than this, but after "Aged Heat") we saw inside her head and she wasn't?

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