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Despite being a show made for adults, the show still had plenty of risque jokes that were pretty eyebrow-raising when the show first aired.

  • In "Research and Destroy", Bernice's rant to the bouncer, repeatedly using the word "fogging".
  • In "Papa Oom M.O.W. M.O.W.", Duckman's comment that feminists just need a little "honey in their hives". To spell it out for you: This is an ejaculation reference.
  • In "Days of Whining and Neurosis", Duckman is strip-searched by Cyrus Red Herring, and yells "OWWWW!" when Herring reaches for his crotch. Duckman remarks, "Oh, that's where I put that espresso machine." Knowing Duckman, he was likely using it as a masturbatory aid.
    • Similarly, in "Clip Job", Harry Medfly asks Duckman how he likes his popcorn cooked: Air-popped or canola oil. Duckman asks, "Canola oil's for COOKING?" Genius Bonus: Though "canola" has become genericized, it was originally a trademark for a type of what had traditionally been called rape oil (because it's derived from the seeds of the rape plant, not because...).
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  • In "The Mallardian Candidate" when Iggy show's Duckman the queen of hearts card he is also flipping him the bird.
  • In "The One With Lisa Kudrow In A Small Role," Duckman and Cornfed enter Ajax's room to find various sculptures made out of cheese. The sculptures take the form of their cheese source—a goat made from goat cheese, a map of Switzerland made from Swiss cheese etc. When Duckman finds a head sculpture and wonders what it's made of, he samples a small piece and reacts in mild disgust.note 
  • In "Color of Naught", Tony Sterling (really King Chicken) keeps using simple acronyms for his pitch on how to make things better and beautify the city. One of the attending neighbors tells him to "G.F.Y." note 

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