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Fridge Brilliance

  • It might not make any sense that the plot of the first episode called "Aged Heat" is about Grandmama's Criminal Doppelgänger while "Aged Heat 2" is about Duckman being incarcerated in a women's prison and pretending to be a woman, but the title references the movie Caged Heat, which also had sequels that were In Name Only, so of course it would make sense that the sequel episode's only connection to the previous episode is the name.
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  • In the episode "The Longest Weekend," Dr. Ben Stein calls Duckman "an obviously unbalanced...oh, what's the medical term? Moron." The joke here is supposed to be that "moron" isn't an actual medical term. However, there is a subtle Genius Bonus to this; the word "moron," much like the word "imbecile", actually did originate as a medical term used by early twentieth-century psychiatrists to describe people with mental handicaps.

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