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Headscratchers / Clock Tower 3

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  • Why did Lord Burroughs start with the Boss Subtitles showing his sentence which filled up his life bar? As The Dark Id pointed out, Lord Burroughs is meant to be just a tall human asshole, not a Subordinate, who have this whole thing about gaining power from their sentence, as Dick mentioned in one of the journals.
    • Maybe Burroughs really was a Subordinate and didn't realize it somehow? It would explain why he and Dick Hamilton were so cartoonishly crazy and had their ridiculous powers.
    • I always thought that Burroughs had become a wraith or something of that nature. His desire to become an Entity kept his spirit alive after his death until Dick showed up and willfully got possessed in a manner that, going by Dick's journals, is very similar to how Entities create Subordinates. Additionally, while being a wraith doesn't provide the exact same benefits as being an entity, explaining his continued desire to be one, he still amassed an absurd two lifebars worth of power from the sheer amount of slaughtering he did in his living years on the behalf of entities and subordinates.

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