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Nightmare Fuel / Clock Tower 3

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  • Clock Tower 3 has more constant fear of ambushing, and surprise attacks to make you scream and jump out of your chair. Besides that, there's the extremely disturbing scenes of Sledgehammer killing a little girl, and Corroder giving a man and his mother an "acid bath." The worst part is that Sledgehammer and Corroder were based on actual serial killers who used those actual MOs (Corroder even uses the killer's real name).
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  • The numerous death scenes which depict Alyssa being killed in very brutal or cruel ways.
  • The scene where Dick merges with Lord Burroughs. The latter bursts forth from a painting in the form of some sort of fleshy liquid that splatters over Dick and envelops him, all while he moans and screams "ALYSSAAA!" before sinking into the floor.
  • Lord Burroughs' special attack, which is basically a demonic version of Alyssa's. A giant skeleton opens a hole in the sky and shoots a red beam out of its mouth.
  • Robert Morris who would latter become Sledgehammer is implied to be just a ordinary man who didn't seemed to have any violent tendencies or noticeable issues but would later gets possessed and become a rampaging murderer. If that is true any person can be possessed by a Entity regardless of their previous temperament and do horrendous acts against their will and don't even seemed to get free after death because when they die they become a Subordinate who will continue on killing more people.
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  • The fact that the one trying to kill Alyssa for immortality is her own beloved grandfather. The person you should be able to trust the most is the one trying to kill you. And it gets even creepier with the Parental Incest that is heavily applied towards both Nancy and now his granddaughter Alyssa. That is Adult Fear to the max.
  • Despite their camp, the Scissor Twins have brutally tortured and slaughtered many, many people for the sheer sadistic joy in it. Their Monster Clown gimmick can serve to make them even creepier with their child-like glee in killing.


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