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Fridge Brilliance

  • In the first two games, Scissorman chases after the player... but they never run. Because they are using a giant pair of scissors, and naturally, never run with scissors. This time, the Scissor twins do run after Alyssa - because they're not wielding a pair of scissors, they're wielding swords that they use as scissors.

Fridge Horror

  • As pointed out by The Dark Id in his Let's Play, the game gives you the option to change Alyssa's outfit. Your choices include blue jeans and matching jacket with a cowgirl hat (shirt not included), a set of medieval plate armor (pants not included), and a leather hooker outfit, complete with knee high boots, fishnets, and hot 14-year old A-cup cleavage. Alyssa hasn't been home in three years. That means she's had these clothes since she was eleven.
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  • Sledgehammer/Robert Morris was implied to be a average nice everyday man man before he sudden out of blue killed his fellow coworkers before going onto a killing spree. His sudden violent behavior was considering very baffling even to specialists and those around him. While it is possible he has underlying issues to begin with, what information we have make it sound like a innocent man was possessed by a Entity, killed people against his will, executed which was a very messy and most likely very painful death for crime he have no control over and with his death not freeing him all as he continues on haunting the world as a Subordinate. Alyssa defeating him was probably a blessing for him in some way. It means nobody is safe and there could had been Subordinates out there could had been just have been genuinely good people but a Entity possessed them and twist them into murderers against their will.

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