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Headscratchers / Call of Duty: WWII

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  • Why is everyone in the squad surprised and angry that Zussman is of German descent? Putting aside the fact that he has a very German-sounding surname, over a tenth of the the American population at the time had German heritage, including major leaders like Franklin Roosevelt, Dwight Eisenhower, and Chester Nimitz.
    • I think the point was that he was a German Jew rather than Jewish American or non-German migrant.
    • I treated it more as "He knows German. That could've been very helpful"
  • Regarding the Aachen level, why would Turner wanted to evacuate the civilians out of the basement in a middle of a battle. 1. They are underground where they can stay put instead of driving to a safe zone in a truck during a battle. 2. As all of them are German civilians, they would have a chance to be rescued if the hotel was secured by either Germans or Americans.
    • He most likely did it just to get them out of the area in case the retaliating Germans decided to call in an artillery strike on the hotel. Especially since that the basement had only one way in or out which if blocked off, would effectively trap everyone down there. Potentially to where help couldn’t arrive until to was too late. Plus it was part of his job to help make sure civilians were out of harms way.
  • Where in the game does it show that Aiello's from Queens? I've noticed that he's the only one who never got his own dossier; I looked everywhere. Then again, I never actually played through the entire game myself, only watched the footage and cutscenes on YouTube.
    • At the final moments of the campaign, he loudly shouts out: "Queens! Your prodigal son has returned!"

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