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Awesome / Call of Duty: WWII

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  • The fact that, after almost 10 years, the series is finally going back to its roots as a World War II-era shooter.
  • The reveal trailer cleverly using the M1 Garand's signature "ping" at the end had many old players who had quit playing years before rejoice.
  • The intro is pretty awesome. Interspersed with speech excerpts from Winston Churchill and Franklin D. Roosevelt, it shows Daniels' transition from civilian to soldier of the 1st Infantry Division.
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  • During the mission set in Aachen, Perez takes on a King Tiger tank and a couple of Panzer IV tanks with only one Sherman, and wins by sheer skill and luck alone.
  • It takes a lot of nerve to trash talk into the face of a Nazi in a POW camp, even while on gunpoint, like Zussman did to Metz.

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