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Headscratchers / Black Mirror: Hated in the Nation

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  • One of the most unbelievable parts of the episode is the scene near the opening where Jo Powers is scrolling through online comments on her article, and they all hate her? Realistically, wouldn't there be a more even divide between these comments and those of the conservative folk who kind of agree with her opinion and make that very loudly known; and wouldn't the comments that agree with her be higher up on the feed because they'd get a lot of replies from people who disagree?
    • Not everything highly publicized is controversy. I don't think there were a lot of Republicans jumping to defend Nixon when the Watergate scandal broke. That was pretty one sided. Reagan is the other side of the coin: I don't remember much controversy when he said "Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!" Yet, both of these events are well remembered and documented in American history.
      • Actually, there were a good number of Republicans defending Nixon when the Watergate scandal broke. It was not until several years later, after Ninxon was proven to have violated the law, that a majority of Republicans denounced him.
    • Wasn't the intention of Jo Powers that it was highly publicised because it was controversial, that's typically how scandals go in the UK.
  • Why is the C4 team not wearing full protection when around the hive? Granted, all the killings up until the end are people who have been specifically targeted for elimination, but the ADIs don't appear to have any means of getting inside the body except through the mouth, ears and nose. So why aren't they in clothing that shields every orifice?
    • Suicidal Overconfidence combined with politicians that take something simple (like filtering the hashtag) and complicating it ("pull a North Korea" on the Internet).
  • For me, the most unbelievable part of this episode is that the government financed a nationwide network of spy drones and then didn't bother to secure it from intruders or hijackers. Even ignoring the use of ADIs as weapons, it's completely implausible that not a single government, military, or intelligence official didn't think precautions were needed to prevent several million fly-sized spy cameras from being turned against them. The government's a cunt, but they're a Properly Paranoid cunt.
    • Either Rule of Drama or a case of an inside job. Scholes was one of the people who designed the very system he ended up compromising. He probably was the one who created the backdoor and made it go both ways under GCHQ's noses.