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Headscratchers / Black Mirror: Shut Up and Dance

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  • How does a webcam video show what Kenny was looking at on the screen? Even if it also has screen capture and switches between the images, it could easily be edited footage. The only way to really associate the screen and Kenny would be from a video elsewhere in his room. And a jerk off video is pretty bad, but hopefully just a blip in his life.
    • It's not that they have video of him jerking off, it's that they copied his entire hard drive which is filled with child porn.
      • But there's no proof that he downloaded the porn or that he watched it. He could easily claim that the malware put the child porn on his computer.
      • Every person ever accused of downloading child porn has probably said this, and yet people still get convicted. Besides, even if he's found innocent, his life is still pretty much ruined. The robbery and the murder come into mind, in this case.
  • If Kenny has taken driving lessons but not his test, he is probably 17 or 18, which is barely old enough to be able to qualify as pedophilia at all. This is probably done deliberately to give viewers the fridge moment that a lot of it really was for nothing, but Kenny could — should — have realised this, too.
    • Well, it would be pedophilia when you consider the people in the pics he jerked off to may be as young as eight years old, if we go by the age of the little girl at the start. And seriously, in what world would a young man jerking off to pics of kids be considered not pedophilia?
      • A world where a 17-year-old is considered a child and not a 'young man'?
      • The definition of young adult is literally 'a person in their teens or early twenties.' And, again, Kenny is implied to be jerking off to kids as young as eight. It doesn't matter that seventeen-year-olds are legally still children. Socially and biologically, they are old enough that if they are sexually attracted to prepubescent children, they are 100% a pedophile.
      • Some countries have 21 years old as the minimum age, which means that someone of 19 or 20 is still underage. Does that mean that a 20 years old liking 9-10 years old is not a pedophile? Age minority/majority and chronophilias are not the same thing. Pedophilia is the attraction toward prepubescent children (under 12-13), hebephilia the attraction toward younger teens (12 to 16) and ephebophilia attraction toward late or older teens (16-21) thus an adolescent (someone between 13 and 21) can obviously be a pedophile (attracted toward 0-12 years old).
    • Older adolescents (16+) can be considered paedophiles as well. It is mainly about how old the subject of their sexual desires is; according to The Other Wiki, someone 16 or 17 can be classed as a paedophile if they demonstrate sexual attraction to someone five years younger than them or younger (so, about 11-12). One assumes that the people in the photos and videos found on Kenny's computer were younger than 13.
    • Word of God stated that Kenny is 19.
  • Why did that woman need a ride from the gas station? How did she even get to the gas station to get gas in the first place without a car?
    • She might have just been walking towards her destination and happened to come across the gas station. This was a gas station in the middle of the village, not a highway gas station.