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Fridge / Black Mirror: Shut Up and Dance

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Black Mirror Fridge
Series Three
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  • Hector tells his story and reveals that the hackers copied his whole hard drive and every bit of correspondence between him and "Mindy". Kenny breaks down heavily. At first, it can be seen as just his general shame. However, considering the pictures he was looking at, it's possible he realized the hackers probably got enough on him (through hard drive or other means) to really make the case he was looking at child porn.
    • Furthermore, Kenny is hardly reassured when Hector assures him that maybe even the Pope "jerks off". Considering the negative perceptions held by the general public regarding high ranking officials within the Catholic church - specifically infamous incidents involving children - Hector's comment would likely cause Kenny more stress than relief in hindsight.
  • Fridge Horror: Kenny is involved in a very cute scene at the beginning when he helps to retrieve a lost toy to a young girl and they share smiles with each other. It becomes quite creepy after the end of the episode, which reveals that Kenny is a pedophile.
    • And as he watches her leave, the music is playing "That's the Way I Like It." The camera also slows down and the lighting softens, much like it would do in any other film/ TV show where a character displays romantic or sexual interest towards another character.
    • While it seems normal for any teenage boy to not want his siblings using his laptop and isn't something that's suspicious on its own, take note of the way Kenny reacts to his sister saying that his computer froze when she tried to load up "some film thing." He most likely assumed she came across his collection of child porn.
  • It is the first episode of series three to be set in Britain, not only returning to its roots but perhaps out of necessity: many Americans were already fearful of being watched through their webcam by the FBI or similar. This social worry does not exist in the UK, so there is not even realistically a small chance that Kenny would have had his webcam pre-covered.
  • The last trollface we see sent from the hackers is to Kenny, the main character whom audiences likely spent their time rooting for all the way up until the very end. There's a significant double meaning in that Kenny is the last one to receive it, in that not only is it him realizing that his secret is out and that his life is ruined, but it's also reflective of the hackers trolling the audience for daring to empathize with him.