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Fridge / Black Mirror: Playtest

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Black Mirror Fridge
Series Three
NosedivePlaytestShut Up and DanceSan JuniperoMen Against FireHated in the Nation

  • When Sonja appears in the horror house, calmly explaining the situation before morphing into some crazed monster. Why is this? It's probably because she texted him this information earlier; the AI must've used this in conjunction with his mother's call to use it against him.
  • Fridge Horror: Keep in mind that the demo wasn't necessarily a horror game. The whole experience was caused by the AI in conjunction with interference from the phone and Cooper's own mind. Just think of all the trauma it forced him through in just 0.04 seconds... just what the hell could this system be capable of if used intentionally?
  • The directions to the access point room is up the stairs, first door on the left. He hesitates, suggesting to Katie that he'll see some "personal fucked up shit" involving his mother. When he returns home he is presented with his worst nightmare in his mother's bedroom. Up the stairs, first door on the left.