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Fridge / Black Mirror: Hated in the Nation

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Black Mirror Fridge
Series Three
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  • Fridge Logic / Fridge Horror from Hated in the Nation: It's almost impossible that everyone on that near 400,000 long list of hashtag participants used an image of their face to go along with their social media. So, if the ADIs use facial recognition, then how did it find the ones who didn't put up a picture of their face? Even with those who WERE using a face, it might not have been their face. Could have been the face of someone innocent, or some random celebrity.
    • When they were discussing the kill list, which is the tracked IMEIs of the posters, while in Granular's headquarters right before Li hits OK, Blue realizes that the NCA backdoor worked both ways. Allowing the system to track IMEIs tied to the social accounts, Blue notes that those would have been then used to cross reference identities with the registered owners of the IMEIs with the NCA database/GCHQ for their ID photos, if they weren't already known. The real horror would be whether or not someone was using someone else's devices or accounts.
  • Fridge Logic in Hated in the Nation: I find it hard to believe that nearly 400,000 people has been using the hashtag against public figures. What would happen to someone who used the hashtag for an abstract concept or social construct like '#DeathTo: patriarchy' or '#DeathTo: gender roles' or for absurd daily struggles like '#DeathTo: that bastard who just took up two parking space. You, sir, are an asshole'. Also, hashtags rarely stay local to their country of origin: what is to say someone non-British, like an American, for example, has used the hashtag outside of UK? Are the ADIs gonna fly over the Atlantic Ocean to find their target?
    • The Game of Consequences video states that the tweet must contain the hashtag #DeathTo, as well as the name and photo of the victim. Cross-examining that information using the NCA database would allow the tweet to be filtered if no such person exists in the UK.
    • For the first three victims? They're just spoilt ballots. For the mass murder part of the plan, then yeah, those people would also die. We're talking about a man who doesn't care about killing hundreds of thousands of people to make a point. The innocent people who used #DeathTo for abstract concepts, to ask what it is or to speak out against it, well they're just collateral damage.
    • I mean the fact that this was flawed was already shown with the officer using the hashtag as an experiment right? Yeah people who used the hashtag as a joke or in a different way were killed too.
    • It goes into Nightmare Fuel territory when you realize some of the retaliation victims might have posted tweets condemning the hashtag. "All of you people posting #DeathTo should be ashamed of yourselves!" is hardly a kill-worthy offense.