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  • Despite being a very tense moment, Tom pretending to be the German soldier in "In Enemy Hands" is pretty hilarious. In an interview, Dustin Milligan mentions wanting to seem cocky, but he comes across as drunk as well.
  • On Alfred's very first mission, Tom and Aurora are captured by the French and Neil is trying to come up with a rescue plan.
    Neil: How much German have you learned?
    Alfred: About thirty pages.
    Neil: Thirty...pages?
    Alfred: From the phrase book.
Neil looks at him with a hilarious mixture of "WTF" and "OK, I can work with that."
  • Neil flirting with Miri in "Nil Nocere."
    Miri: I don't like Germans.
    Neil: Nobody likes Germans. I'm not sure Germans like Germans. Careful. Nearly got a smile there. Where is it you're from?
    Miri: The moon.
    Neil: Ah, course. Yeah, should've known they'd invade there, too. Probably why the tides are so punctual. And there it is. The lady from the moon smiles. See, I get by.

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