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  • Alfred comforting the terrified physicists and helping a keyed-up Harry get the smell of gunpowder off his hands in "Kiss of Death." Especially touching considering it's only Alfred's second mission, he's still terrified himself, and he just killed someone for the first time.
  • When Drabek describes what the Germans are actually doing to the Jews, Aurora starts to break down, assuming the worst for her cousin and grandparents. It's team Grumpy Bear Neil who reaches over and holds her hand.
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  • Neil and Tom writing the "Marianne" poem together, particularly after their earlier fight, and particularly because it's Neil who provides the heart of the poem.
  • Neil's total devotion to saving Tom in "Creon Via London." He drags him all around Paris, holds his hand, continually reassures him that he's going to be fine, and then freaks the hell out when Aurora finally admits that the plane they're waiting for is making a parachute drop and is not actually there to pick up Tom. Also heartwarming is Tom trying to comfort Neil when Neil realizes this. Neil refuses to listen, and also pockets the morphine that Tom was going to use to kill himself before heading outside with the flairs.
  • Alfred doing magic tricks to get Ania to come out of the closet in "Naqam."
  • Neil giving Aurora a much needed hug and then kissing her on the forehead after she has a truly horrible last couple of days in "Naqam."
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  • The last glimpse we get of Neil in the finale is him returning to his young niece, Mags.

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