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  • Awesome Music: The ending credits theme played at the end of each episode.
  • Critical Research Failure: Some of the viewers noted some errors with insignia/patches in the uniforms of various SS personnel and also with Sinclair's military uniform.
    • One person had a serious issue with how the team was able to communicate with Camp X during an operation in Villemarie in the pilot episode since they were geographically far away. One person asked a curator manning a Camp X website on his opinion regarding the matter. Some have suggested that this was done to get people tuned to the show for Rule of Drama.
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    • IMDB also lists in its entries the various mistakes spotted by viewers. Examples are seen here and here.
  • Insane Troll Logic: One person in IMDB posed the question on whether the resistance or Allied Power agents operating in occupied territory should be treated as war criminals. The results aren't that pretty.
    • Any 'flame war' that resulted is probably due to this not being such an insane proposition. Histories of the Resistance will point out that many groups were as concerned with settling internal scores (i.e. Communists vs. French democrats) than in fighting the Germans. Also, espionage is generally treated harshly by any industrialized nation, the death penalty can still be applied in the United States, for example.
  • What an Idiot!: The team in doing the transmission to Camp X in "Pilot" because they were being hunted down by soldiers looking for Allied transmission signals. To be fair, they needed the clearance to conduct their sabotage and the church tower was the only place where they can do it safely without being caught.
    • The team doesn't come across so great in general in this episode, from Harry bungling the bomb to Tom not killing the soldier to Aurora not keeping a better eye on Annie to Neil getting his cover blown due to his boots.

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