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  • Meadow Song's first Nightmare Night costume. What does she choose to go as? A pony-sized bug-creature. What's more, she doesn't do this by simply reverting to Nictis (because this might reveal that she actually is a pony-sized bug creature). Nope. She builds it out of some of Spark Wheel's excess robot parts. So, essentially, a Changeling Infiltrator, disguised by Shapeshifting into a unicorn filly, is wearing a costume to look like a Changeling Infiltrator.
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  • Meadow and Spark's first "date", on Hearts and Hooves Day (in context, they have been best friends for many years at this point). Neither of them have any romantic experience: both derive their concept of "dating" from romance novels; and it shows. She's an Changeling Infiltrator who is in serious denial about the depth of her feelings for Spark; he's a Lovable Nerd who imagines he's being smooth (not knowing she's an empath and can read him like a book). Both think that they are engaging in a complex game of social manipulation, both are right, and both are wrong. Doubles as Heartwarming by the end of the chapter.

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