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Funny / War for the Planet of the Apes

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  • Caesar needs a way to rescue the children apes, contained in a cage they can't tunnel to, overland in the human's compound. How, you ask? By having Rocket fling poo at one of the guards to get him in the cage with the other apes, where Maurice can yoink him underground and knock him out cold. The crowner is the guard just dropping into a sudden hole, then the keys flipping up out of the hole like something from Looney Tunes. And Rocket, staring down the guard he's drawn into the cage, holding a wad of poop in his hand tossing it lightly up and down. Rocket looks badass and intimidating, but the "thap. . . thap. . . thap" of the poo in his hand makes it hysterical.
    • Let's emphasize. This is the finale of Caesar's story. This is the film that leads into the original Planet of the Apes film with the inclusion of Nova and the beginning of the silence of humans. This is the one where Apes prove themselves to be superior to humans, both morally and intelligently. So of course this is the one where they finally use the "ape throwing shit" joke.
  • Maurice, Nova, and Bad Ape first manage to tunnel up into the human compound, they need to take a look around. Maurice bends down and motions for Bad Ape to get on his back and get a lift. Bad Ape doesn't know sign, so it takes him a bit to catch on, and when he does, his response is a repeated "no." So Maurice roars at him, and Bad Ape's reply is the most epic open-mouthed Oh, Crap! face ever (pictured above).
  • Bad Ape charging around his homestead to get things for his guests, falling and tripping, and generally carrying on. Maurice and Caesar even share a "What the f—" look over his antics at one point.
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  • Bad Ape stepping out wearing clothes and looking like a school kid. It's the thumbs-up that sells it.
  • When Bad Ape, Maurice, and Rocket are scoping out the military camp with binoculars, Bad Ape cries out "Oh, no!" Everyone turns to him anxiously as if he saw something bad... until he moans "Why so small?" Maurice has an annoyed look and flips the binoculars around for him.
    Bad Ape: Oooohhhhh.
  • The part where an entire army sees Caesar, immediately stops cheering and turns to face him in unison like he's the Bigfoot or something.
  • Bad Ape, upon seeing the avalanche, stands in fear and continuously saying "Oh, no!" while the other apes flee. Rocket then runs over and gets him to safety.
  • One of the soldiers in the opening scene has Bedtime For Bonzo written on his helmet.


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