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Nightmare Fuel / War for the Planet of the Apes

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  • The scene that results in Caesar's descent into ruthlessness above is Adult Fear at its finest. The night before the apes plan to move, they lay asleep in their Cave Behind the Falls. Caesar is woken up by bright green lights that zip down past the cave. He finds ropes where the lights were, realizing that the soldiers are inside the cave. He wakes up Blue Eyes, telling him to protect his mother and brother, before venturing into the cave with some troops to attack the soldiers. After killing one of them, he hears the Colonel's voice
    Colonel: Soldier, do you copy? King Kong is down. I repeat. King Kong is down!
    • Caesar then returns to the upper level, seeing the Colonel in dark warpaint preparing to leave. After a long stare-off between them, Caesar turns to his left, seeing the bloodied corpses of his wife and eldest son. It isn't long before his shocked staring turns into an unnerving Death Glare.
    • When Caesar leaves Blue Eyes to stand guard, you see him leave the exit opposite to the camera. The shot is revealed to be the perspective of a soldier (presumably the Colonel) and the audience sees a bright green light pointing directly at the back of Blue Eyes' head.
  • When group of soldiers searching the woods for Caesar is losing the skirmish with the apes and Preacher radios in the Colonel his order is to kill as many apes as he can. Sets up just what type of villain the Colonel is going to be.
  • The Auschwitz-esque work camp for the apes, established in the remnants of a "human zoo"note  is just as horrifying as Bad Ape said it was. Unlike most of the action scenes in this film, which are fast paced and kill dozens of characters a second, the suffering in the work camp is slow and painful, bringing disturbingly strong parallels to The Holocaust.
    • One orangutan is painfully thin.
  • Despite claiming that he was "not ape" due to the actions Koba committed in Dawn, his death still haunts Caesar. He sees hallucinations of Koba twice in the film, and for the first time in the series we are treated to a first-person perspective of Koba's hideously scarred (with blood dripping across) face, coupled with the eerily sinister voice of Toby Kebbell.
    • His second appearance is especially unnerving, as he appears to Caesar when the latter is tied to the post and close to suffocating. In this scene, Koba's usual Hulk Speak is downplayed slightly to the point where his voice sounds almost comforting to Caesar, as he tries to pull his consciousness from the living.
    Koba: Sleeeeeeeep.... You cannot save them. Apes all die here. Join me...
  • When Caesar and his group are interrogating Winter at one of the soldier camps, they notice humans approaching outside and forcefully cover Winter's mouth and hold him down to keep him quiet so that he can't warn the humans. When the humans leave, Winter is revealed to have died, either from being choked/suffocated to death by Caesar (who was in turn angry at the gorilla for spoiling to the soldiers where the ape settlement was - leading to his wife and son's deaths) or heart attack. The way Caesar reacts as Winter's head droops down shows that he may not have intended to do this. And then the first Koba nightmare listed above happens.
    • Not to mention that all throughout the interrogation, Winter is absolutely positively terrified of Caesar. Keep in mind that Winter is a gorilla, and is twice the size of Caesar.
  • Nova entering the Colonel's camp on her own to help Caesar, while awesomely brave and also critical in helping Caesar to survive and to plan the escape, would have gotten killed in cold blood had she been caught and brought before McCullough, as anyone shown infected by the mutated virus are immediately killed; apparently even little children, as her father is shown to have been one of the Colonel's soldiers who deserted to save her from this.
    • This is all perfectly displayed in Maurice and the others fear for her safety as soon as they see soldiers coming her way. Rocket even walks into the camp, completely alone and unarmed, to distract them from her, knowing very well he could have been killed instantly instead of taken prisoner.
  • The Colonel telling the story of how he killed his own son who was infected with a more advanced form of the simian flu which takes away humans ability to speak and after that killing those who disagreed with his methods Caesar himself is genuinely shocked and horrified at the same time.
    • Know what makes it worse? Nova is perfectly fine. She just can't talk. The Colonel killed 'em for no reason
      • The prequel comic hints that the Colonel may be right about the virus' effects. A poor scientist who is infected with its strain eventually goes feral due to the virus changing the victim's mind completely.
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  • Just the very fact that Simian Flu, the human-made virus that killed almost entire population of Earth, is back. As if that wasn't bad enough, that virus has mutated too - any human infected with its strain will lose ability to speak. And, if the Colonel is right about its effects, then this new plague may eventually cause mental regression of its host, reducing him or her to a feral animal.


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