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While the film is dark and bleak for the most part, it isn't without its share of lighter moments.

  • The Overly Long Gag of Hutch pouring away the rest of the alcohol after the group made their toasts to Robert. What really sells it is their nonplussed reactions to seeing how much is in the flask.
  • When the group finds the dead elk, they speculate on what could have impaled it on a tree:
    Hutch: Could be hunters out here.
    Dom: What, bait?
    Hutch: Possibly. Or it's the bit they don't show you in the nature documentaries.
    • We also get this gem:
      Phil: A bear.
      Dom: Do bears do that?
      Phil: I don't know, Dominic, I'm not a fucking bear expert.
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  • When Luke is escaping the hut in the village, he comes across the old woman who ordered Dom to be sacrificed. With her being only about five feet tall, Luke towers over her and puts her down with one single unceremonious punch to the face.
  • There's also a scene where Luke points a gun at a cultist...and it jams prompting him to mutter "Shit!" in reaction. He then ends up shooting that cultist dead by complete accident.
  • When the group comes across an abandoned Hippie Van:
    Phil: I got a handjob in one of those once, at a festival.
  • Luke screaming in defiance of the monster at the end of the film is either this or a CMOA, depending on who you ask.


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