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  • It's Gotta Be The Insanity!, a suitably insane version of "It's Gotta Be The Butz" that TriforceBun improvised on a whim.
  • The original version of "The Rookie Killer" had Payne break the fourth wall, complaining that if everyone else got a song he should too.
  • After Redd White's Villain Song, Belinda deadpans "Yeah, I quit."
  • Any time Phoenix mentions Grossberg's past he launches into the gag song "The Scent of Fresh Lemons." The second time has it happen as a homonym for "passed," while the third time is initiated by Grossberg himself.
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  • The Samurai Always Wins gives us a lovely bit of Hypocritical Humor as Edgeworth of all people tells Phoenix to "quit acting so smug!"
  • The script for case 3 notes that when Dee Vasquez's thugs attack Phoenix and Maya one of the weapons must be a fire extinguisher, a reference to 2-1 where Richard Wellington hitting Phoenix with one made him lose his memory.

Alternative Title(s): Phoenix Wright Musical Project


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