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  • Awesome Music: ALL, but The Samurai Always Wins, Justice For All (reprise) and August Day are the best examples.
  • Broken Base: When the musical was still in development, a high note at the end of "Decree of the Prosecutor" added by an auditioner caused strife about whether to keep it, cut it, or leave it optional. They ended up cutting it, but reference it on occasion in bonus material.
  • Ensemble Dark Horse:
    • Act II Bailiff from the live performance in December 2016. Early in the act, the chat for the livestream renamed the character "Baeliff." It helped that he was played by the same actor as audience favorites Winston Payne and Redd White.
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    • Early demos of "It's Gotta Be the Butz!" had TriforceBun's family involved, with his mother as Maya, his brother as Phoenix and his father as von Karma, wherein the "25 minute gap," "Get him out of here!" "It was TUESDAY!" and "colossal waste of time" memes became prominent.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight:
    • After the opening song finishes, Phoenix arrives at the courthouse and Mia chastises him for being late. While this doesn't happen in the original game, it DOES happen in the anime adaptation.
    • Similarly, in both this musical and the anime, the second case takes place sooner after the first than in the original game.
  • Memetic Mutation:
    • This is a colossal waste of taime!
    • The "25 minute gap" line became one after TriforceBun's brother shouted the line in an early demo, trying to emulate the game's dramatic tendencies.
    • Von Karma's "Get him out of here!" line became one after TriforceBun's father added a roar to the end of it in a demo.
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    • "It was TUESDAY!" became incredibly popular.
    • "Whut Lawn?" from "I'll Be There" was silly enough to get a video about it in the production package.
    • Larry the Lizard and Edgeworth the Alarm Clock were a lizard plush and stuffed alarm clock used to represent Larry and Edgeworth in the Colorado sessions, becoming inside jokes throughout the trip and getting cameos in the August Day video.
    • Belinda DuBois being the only original character led to jokes about using her in a marketing push, hence the "Belinda: The Musical" sign in the August Day video.
  • Nightmare Fuel: In the live version, the Bluecorp statue comes to life and accosts Phoenix near the end of Redd White's song.
  • Tear Jerker:
    • Reawakening ends on the discovery of Mia's murder and Maya being arrested for it, while Phoenix can only stare, stunned, at what happened. Right when he was looking forward to celebrating and working side-by-side with Mia.
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    • "Alone", especially when Phoenix shouts "Edgeworth, I'm ASKING IF YOU DID IT!", trying desperately to figure out what happened. Edgeworth, meanwhile, just sings about how he deserves what's happening and won't have anyone help him.
    • "The Way Things Were (Reprise)" focuses on Oldbag's introspection and sorrow over Jack Hammer's situation and realizing things will never be as rosy as she pictured them.

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