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Funny / Trinity (2008)

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  • In issue #1, The Flash family gangs up on Clayface to retrieve a stolen chalice. Clayface gloats that they can't get it back and then Iris West proceeds to do right that. And then rubbing it in.
    Clayface: Hah! You can't hurt me, Flash— An' you're not gettin' the chalice back!
    Iris: Oh, yeah? Wanna see a trick, Mr. Clayface?
    Clayface: HEY!
    Iris: That's called molecular vibration, Mr. Clayface. Wanna see it again?
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  • And then Wally West reveals his children are absolutely adorkable:
    Policeman: Those kids you work with are shaping up pretty good.
    Flash: I'll tell 'em. They'll squee.
  • When the Trinity turns everyone back into normal, Supergirl doesn't appreciate being a badass soldier changed back into inexperienced rookie teen hero.
    Lois: SUPERMAN! We need to talk—!
    Alfred: Ah, I fear, Ms. Lane, that they are not in a listening mood, at present...
    Supergirl: Hnh. And when are they ever? Didn't ask any of us if we wanted to be changed back, did they?


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