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Awesome / Trinity (2008)

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  • In the first issue, Batman's villain Clayface is dumb enough to attempt to commit crimes in The Flash hometown. Within two minutes Wally West and his kids get him bagged -literally-, after having great fun kicking his butt.
  • Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman develop some sort of mind-link which allows Superman to tap into Bruce's knowledge and Diana's expertise to beat down the Crime Syndicate.
    Superman: Because you only ever kill your opponents, you only have to deal with them once and only at their most basic level. I have had to fight my opponents repeatedly and get better at it as they improved and became more dangerous with each battle. I DON'T SIT ON A PILE OF SKULLS AND CALL MYSELF TOUGH!!
  • In issue #14, Sun-Chained-In-Ink's solar power has become out of control. Before he blows up and takes the entire planet with him, Supergirl takes him out of the planet and throws him far, far away where his inner star explodes safely.
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  • In a parallel reality a band of higwaymen ambushes a peaceful convoy... and then turn tail and run away quickly when Supergirl, Wonder Girl, Nightwing, Lois Lane, Alfred Pennyworth and Nemesis turn up.
  • After the Final Battle, the Crime Syndicate decide to take advantage of Clark, Bruce and Diana's weakened state to finish them off only for hightailing it when the whole Justice League of America, Justice Society of America... arrive.
    Wonder Woman: What, not worth it anymore? The odds not lopsided enough in the right direction for you?


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