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  • "The Plant from Outer Space": The very first scene in the flower shop, where a man buys carnations and eats one of them, much to Hikari's bewilderment.
    • Shohei angrily thinking to himself after Mr. Chang calls him "little".
  • "Life Energy": Shohei discovering that Hikari II feeds on Life Energy.
    • Shohei waking up in class and randomly shouting over whatever the heck he dreamt.
      "Man the life boats! The ship is sinking fast!"
    • This exchange near the end when Hikari brings Hikari II back home for a very tired Shohei:
      Shohei: Aww, no! I can't feed it anymore!
      Hikari: I beg your pardon?
      Shohei: Well, it's kind of a funny story...
      Hikari: Funny? Venus flytraps eat flies, beetles, and meat like steak or hamburger!
      Shohei: (to himself) Flies... beetles... hamburger? (out loud, with an Idea Bulb over his head) Oh yeah!!
      Hikari: (sweat drops) Sometimes I worry about you.
  • "The Dentist": Reiko going into Shohei's room, much to her big brother's dismay.
  • "Burger World" has Shohei's stomach growling loudly in front of Hikari, resulting in him feeling embarrassed. She finds it just as awkward as he does.
  • The hot springs scene in "Christmas".
  • A good majority of "Love Spray".
  • "Cherry Blossom Birthday": Shohei and Hikari II arguing over the definition of a birthday.
    • Inumaru dashing off to Hikari's house while Shohei dangles from the big dog's leash.
    • The first conversation between Inumaru and Hikari's poodle Melody.
  • The entirety of "The Hot Summer Day".
  • "Inspection Day": Hikari II slapping Shohei across the face with one of its vines.
    • Mr. Sonoda telling Shohei not to argue with the plant.
    • The kids with the water balloons.
  • Once the story got to "Souls?", the funny just seems to come when needed. The first CMoF has Orin complaining about his day at work.
    • The other has Orin nudging Unagi in the stomach after the latter says what the former really does in front of an amnesiac Hikari.
  • "The Meek Shall Inherit": This exchange:
    Mr. Sonoda: Did that plant just..? No. No, that's just silly. Plants can't talk!
    Hikari II: Except me.
    Sonoda: WHAA?! What do you want? And how did you get so big so fast?
    Hikari II: I want to eat souls! Yours looks fat enough to sustain me!
    Sonoda: How dare you make such a smart crack at my expense!
    • Shohei's reaction to inheriting the flower shop after Mr. Sonoda's death.
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  • The restaurant scene in "Don't Feed the Plants".

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