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It should be noted that Ensei is a good source of these things.

Ch6 Two Way Sympathy

  • Cheney realising what the state of his finances are going to be like after joining Clan Gully.
    • Moreso is Luso's response when Cheney realizes this. The deadpan way he says it is what really sells it.
    Cheney: I'm screwed, aren't I?
    Luso: Yup

Ch7 Ballad And Pompom

  • After soundly defeating the leader of the Yellow Wings, Ensei said very seriously that he wants the leader to answer a certain question. The question?
    Ensei (In a very serious tone): Where did you stash all your stolen gil?

Ch10 The Setting Sun Overture 2

  • After Luso accuses Adelle of stealing from him, she stated that she hasn't stolen anything... for six days straight.

Ch12 Bad Luck

  • Adelle blowing up Clan Gully's wagon. This sent shivers down Ensei and Cid's spines, with Cheney assuring them that it's probably nothing. Oh, how wrong he was...

Ch16 Suspicion Of Sunset

  • Clan Falzen got suckered by Cid and Ensei into an eating contest.

Ch19 Prisoners In Paradise

  • After stating that Clan Gully and Clan Falzen formally declares war on Vaticus Finch, Ensei asked everybody...
    Ensei: Now... what's the plan to get out of here?

Ch39 Blue Rain Blues 5 Memories In The Rain

  • What Ensei said after he let Villi join Clan Gully.
    Ensei: Oh, and new rule. New members now buy everyone's first meal.

Ch43 Acqua Alta

  • After a suspenseful setup about what Ensei needs Luso to do, he declares that he needs Luso to go shopping.

Ch44 Acqua Alta 2 The Icebreakers

  • Luso entering the Acqua Alta, a water race, with Gull, a chocobo.

Ch45 Acqua Alta 3 Secondhand Conquerors

  • Due to Adelle not believing Luso will actually win the Acqua Alta, she betted on another racer instead. That racer lost and due to Luso giving away half his winnings from getting 2nd place, they are right back where they started money wise. The narration sums it up.
    Narration: The power of teamwork triumphs! ...sort of.

Ch61 Departure

  • The way Crow was forcefully and playfully forced to join Clan Gully.

Ch64 The Burning Up

  • This little gem which is difficult to describe in words.
    Ensei: Oh. Hey guys. *Ensei gets doused in water.* Now was that really necessary?
    Most of Clan Gully as of the relevant moment: Where have you been!?
    Ensei: Oh, you know... Just enjoying the land festival. Here you go, Kanin. I figured you'd like this.
    Cheney: Wait. So you're - you're telling me that the entire time we've been fighting for our lives in that arena... you've been parading around in this fair?!
    Ensei: Actually... Yeah, that sounds about right.
    Cheney: I have no words for this.

Ch66 Tales Of Gully Camoa Remix

  • The aftermath of Vili's cooking after learning that her special seasoning was actually poison.

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