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Heartwarming / The Tainted Grimoire

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  • Hearing Luso's opinion of Kanin.
  • A girl's reaction to being able to get a medicine her dad needs, courtesy of Luso, Cheney and Hurdy.
  • The way everyone laid down their arms at the end of the climax of the St. Galleria arc.
  • Luso's talk with Adelle after her adoptive dad Sir Loin died to save her.
  • Luso being surprised and excited about Kanin being a Feol Viera.
  • Adelle forgiving and accepting Crow and is ok with him joining Clan Gully.
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  • Heck, the way Crow joined Clan Gully. Especially the last part.
    Ensei: And your most important duty. You're required to love every single one of your clansmen, for better or worse, and die for their sake if need be. Even if it costs you everything. Even your goal.
    Luso and Adelle: Think you can handle that?
    Crow: Absolutely.
  • A native of Camoa encouraging Luso and Cheney after a confrontation with Acidwire.
  • The way everyone in Clan Gully decides to take part in The Camoa Cup.

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