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It (hopefully) goes without saying that memorable quotes go here.

Ch 1

The book that would change his fate forever
The opening of the world-spanning adventure!

—Mr. R addressing Luso.

Luso: What book should I get?
Mr. R: Tell you what. Since it is the last day of school, I'll let you pick the book and you can give me an oral report. "Luso's demeanor becomes sinister."...But the book has to be two hundred or more!. "Luso still searches for an easy book."...Without pictures!
—Luso and Mr. R discussing Luso's assignment.

Ch 2

The majestic bird
Lost to the arrow of the hunter, Fate
The violent storm of reality now approaches

Luso: What the heck was that?
Kanin: It sounds like a cockatrice. Don't worry, those things are relatively harmless; especially the ones in this forest. Here, they barely grow up to just above your knees.
A very large one appears behind them, they see it, causing them to run in fear.
Kanin: Just run...
—Luso and Kanin meeting a Mamatrice

Cid: Well, how would you like to make a new family? We may not be the greatest bunch, but what do you have left to lose?
Luso: ...Are you sure? I mean, I can't do magic or anything like that. I would just be dead weight and...
Ensei: Did he ask if you could boy? He didn't say clan, he said family. The members of Clan Gully are family first and clan second.
Kanin: Don't worry about not being useful. Mr. Ensei's more of a dead weight then you could ever hope to be.
—Luso joins Clan Gully

Ch 3

The Blade
The symbol of pride, the manifestation of my honor, my will
It is with this that I would lay down my life for you

Luso: So...what exactly does a clan do?
Kanin: Clans in general can do nearly anything, but specifically, there are many different types of clans. There are hunting clans who specialize in monster hunting and taking down marks; escorting clans who transport items and cargo or escort people and VIPs; and soldier clans that fight for a client. There are also clans who do menial chores and even bard clans who perform for people.
Luso: So what type of clan is Clan Gully?
Kanin: Well…we're none of those actually. We're a Freelance Clan; which means that we basically do anything and everything. Fighting a rival clan, protection from bandits, even weeding your backyard; if you pay for it, we do it….and if you pay extra, we do it better.
Luso: Sounds like a great policy.
—Kanin teaching Luso about the general info on clans

Ch 4

Ensei: Well, I'd say morning practice is over for today. We should probably head down to the pub. I need some booze to get me through the rest of the day.
Luso: Why did I get the alcoholic for a teacher?
—Luso's training session with Ensei ends for the day.

Ensei: So how is Kanin's training going?
Cid: Pretty good, actually. She's quite adept at using that staff of hers and she's becoming more proficient at dodging. We're working on her cure spell to, though I'm only doing what I can there. I'm not exactly white mage of the year…or at all.
—Ensei and Cid discussing Kanin's progress

Ch 5

Ensei: The moment Saishuu Kirihana will all be over for you...
Worgen: Don't you look down on me!
Ensei: Allow me to clarify the rumor you heard...The number of mages I defeated was not twenty...But one hundred and twenty
—Ensei defeating Worgen

Ensei: Well if it isn't old Sasasha. It's been a while, hasn't it? And what's this thing about a debtor.
Sasasha: Trust me, Ensei. Never seeing you again is too soon. And when are you going to return that Chocobo I lent to you?
Ensei: Well, you see...
Chief of Targ Wood Police: While I'd hate to interrupt, we have more pressing matters to attend to. Such as, what's going on here.
—Chief of Targ Wood Police joins the investigation

Ch 6

People, animals
My sympathy spreads in both directions

Cid: Sasasha? What are you doing here?
Sasasha: I'd like to know that myself. One minute I'm informing the police of some ruckus, and the next I'm caught up in some dastardly poaching operation investigation. There's no rest for the weary, is their commander?
Ensei: Don't you mean the nagging and decrepit...
Sasasha: Well this decrepit old woman can still kick you... "Both of the Hume soldiers placed a single hand over the mouth of the rabbit eared female before she was able to finish her sentence"
—Sasasha helps with the current quest

Ensei: Let's just focus on the mission, Luso. You stay sharp as well, Kanin.
Luso: Wow, you're unusually serious about this, Ensei.
Ensei: Well of course I am. Since this is outside the limit of the mission request, Cheney's going to have to pay me even more money.
—Ensei showing a certain character trait, causing everyone else to sweatdrop

Ch 7

My feelings towards you,
All conveyed in this song
Even though I know
None of them can reach you

Sasasha: Well, I'm not sure on everything that happened, but you fell unconscious sometime last night. You should have seen the way that boy was holding you last night; just like me and my husband on our wedding day. "Kanin blushes". Why are you so red, Kanin? Don't tell me that was your first affectionate contact with a boy. Ensei and his over-protective ways.
—It is revealed Kanin has a crush on Luso

Luso: Alright, I've cleaned up everything. Is Kanin awake yet?
Sasasha: Not yet. But she should be up any minute now. Do you mind if I ask you a question, Luso?
Luso: Sure, shoot.
Sasasha: What do you think about Kanin?
Kanin: I can't believe she asked him that!
Luso: Hmm...Well...she's kind of shy, and somewhat of a klutz sometimes... But…she's got heart, and she genuinely cares for her clan mates; I respect that most of all about her. I guess you could say that she's someone I personally admire.
—Luso's opinion of Kanin

Ensei: Oh, you're still alive? Looks like I'm rustier than I thought. Now, tell me one thing…and make sure you answer correctly. Where did you stash all your stolen gil?
Luso and Cheney: "That's Ensei for you."
Ensei showing how much he cares about money.

Ch 8

Vaan: That's Baron Popple's place, right? That's where the jewel is?
Penelo: It sure is. Try not to do anything too rash tomorrow night, okay?
Vaan: Must you be so worried, Penelo? It's me we're talking about after all. The leading man never dies.
Penelo: That's exactly what I'm worried about...
—Vaan's and Penelo's introduction

Ensei: Be proud of who you are, little one...there'll be a day when they don't look down on you anymore...and until then, keep standing tall...
—Ensei cheering Kanin up

Ch 9

Cid: The request is an escort mission to the town of St. Galleria, located in the Galleria Deep. The client seeks protection only up until we reach the city, where he will be dropped off to another escort and reach his destination.
Cheney: Sounds pretty easy if you ask me.
Ensei: More like boring...and just when I had been craving some action...
Cid: What can we do? We're pretty short in the funds department right now and we need some higher paying jobs. But I wouldn't count this one out just yet Ensei; you know how we always seem to attract danger.
Luso: "Yes, and mostly in unhealthy amounts."
—Clan Gully gets a new mission

Luso: Thanks, old man. "Luso turns to leave".
Kanin: Thank you, sir.
Gofannon: Men like him only come once in a generation. Make sure you hold on to that one, girl.
—Gofannon telling Kanin that she should hold on to Luso.

Ch 10

Cid: What's wrong with you?
Cheney: I can't believe he eats those...
—When referring to the fact that Ribs eats the stalks they got from monster tomato thingies.

Hurdy: Haven't I seen you before?
Sir Loin: Aye, that ya have, furry one...Tis' Sir Loin yer talkin' to, and this be my lovely daughter I was talkin' about, Adelle.
Adelle: What have I told you? When around people, we're co-workers...
—Sir Loin introducing Adelle to Hurdy

Luso: And speaking of money, you need to return all that money you stole yesterday.
Adelle: I have no idea what you're talking about. I haven't stolen anything...for six days straight...a new personal best if I do say so myself.
Luso: Six days straight my...

Ch 11

Ah, how we dream
That we are flying through that blue sky
Devoid of those iron bars

Narration: "Splash!"
Sir Loin: Whew, I tell ya. Very nice, ladies!
Kanin and Maria: Maybe we shouldn't have done that...
—Kanin and Maria push Adelle into the water so she can enjoy with them

Ch 12

Sir Loin: Well that's no fun...leavin' us behind like that 'n all. I was hankerin' for a lil' action as well.
Adelle: "Yawn".
Luso: What...she's still sleeping, even after all of that?
Sir Loin: Aye, lad. These lil' naps of hers usually last even longer than this. There's a reason she's called "Adelle the Cat".
—Sir Loin commenting on Adelle's sleeping habits

Narration: Suddenly, a powerful shiver ran up and down the spines of both Cid and Ensei.
Cheney: I don't think it's getting that chilly out here.
Ensei: I'm not cold. I just got the feeling that something terrible
Cid: I just lost a major investment?
Ensei: Yeah, that's the feeling.
Cheney: Well, it was probably just your imagination. I mean, what are the chances?
—Cid and Ensei felt the destruction of Clan Gully's wagon

Ch 13

A duty that surpasses the heart
A burden that eclipses the sun
and bringsforth the night

Sir Loin: Alright, you can go. Just try not to blow the forest up, dear. "Snigger"
Cid: You do realize that you're paying for that wagon, don't you?
—Minor case of Reality Ensues

Ch 14

Oh, how we fear
That which we cannot comprehend

Ch 15

Separated by this vast ocean
Spread across this never ending night
And all it took to reach you was a single drop

Ch 16

Why do I feel like
That setting sun in the faraway horizon
Will never rise again

Ensei: I feel that such an occasion as this calls for a party. A dinner at the pub tonight to celebrate a job well done. And of course...Andie's paying!
Andie: What! Why me?
Sir Loin: Just think of it as a way to pay us back for trying to capture our Moogle friend here.
Kirsa: Not so fast! That twerp over there sawed Claire's precious Claymore in half. We don't owe you a thing.
Cid: Fine, then how about this...If we can eat more than the shop value of that Claymore, then you pick up the bill and we don't have to pay a gil.
Kirsa: Deal! Bring it on!
Cheney: You have no idea what you've just gotten your clan into...
—Clan Falzen got suckered by Cid and Ensei

Ch 17

Don't be afraid of deception
Because the world is already full of it

Ch 18

The ties that bind us
Are the people we cherish the most

Sir Loin: realize that we're supposed to be guarding them?...And not wasting time waving to the crowd! Why do I even bother?
Raven: Relax, Sir Loin. Today is a celebration. It's good to take a break and just enjoy yourself every once in a while.
Sir Loin: I know that, but... "Adelle began to blow kisses to the crowd" ...I think she could let up a little.
—While guarding Vaticus and Maria during the parade

Ch 19

We are all so mislead by this concept of freedom
That we do not realize
It is by that same concept;we are chained in this cage

Ch 20

I reach out to grab your hand, even though I know you're not there
I feel a little heartbeat, the steady rhythm of your breathing inside me
Even though I know, you've already vanished from my embrace

Luso: But who could help us, Professor Auggie?
Auggie: Why...the strongest man in Jylland, of course.
"Scene change"
Guard: Halt! Who goes there!
Judgemaster Cid: This is Judgemaster Cid Randell requesting entrance into St. Galleria.
—The proper introduction of Judgemaster Cid, the strongest man in Jylland

Ch 21

Those who think they understand out world, are dead asleep
Those who have found and experienced it's corruption are the ones wide awake
Protecting those of us that are still dreaming
Sir Loin

Ch 22

That sun, setting along the far off horizon
Will never awaken from its slumber

Ch 23

Fly free, young sparrow, into the wild blue yonder

Ch 24

Equality is but a figment of our imagination
Hope is only the deception of our hearts

Ensei: That's not going to work for me. You see...I have an ambition that I need to see through to the end. There's someone in this country that I need to kill before I die, so whatever reason you have...I'm not going to die here for you.
—Ensei right before dealing the final blow that defeats Ignatius

Ch 25

Hatred, corruption, deceit, greed
These are the branches
Wealth the root

Ch 26

Wherein there is distress, there is a story
Wherein in a story, there is resolve
Wherein there is resolve, there...
Lies the soul

Maria: We...trusted you...
Flashback Cut: I trusted you!
Vaticus: I never asked you to trust me. Same with my subordinates; I told them to follow me. Never to rely on, never to depend on...never to follow. I understand that it's human nature to trust in something greater than yourself, and using that logic, I can understand why you placed your trust in me. Though...allow me to make one thing clear, Maria Savoy de Pervenche...You cannot depend on anyone. People will always let you down. That is a lesson I learned earlier in life...
—Right before learning Vaticus' Backstory

Ch 27

Everything'll work out
I'm sure of it...
Sir Loin

Ch 28

The surface eases
The ripples subside into the murky darkness
Though still I remain

Ch 29

The light that pierced through the darkness of the sky
Shines ever so brighter in my heart

Auggie: Indeed. Magicite. Though as to the origin and class of this particular piece, I cannot say. Unfortunately, I doubt I'll have the time to conduct a proper study.
Judgemaster Cid: I am more focused on what Khamja had planned to use it for. That is where Clan Gully comes in. What I am about to tell you is to remain confidential. I want you to find out more information on this stone for me. Use whatever methods you deem necessary... "Ensei's grin stretched from ear to ear." Outside of outright violation of the law, of course.
—Judgemaster Cid gives Clan Gully a mission

Ch 30

The skin crawls, the bones rattle with the thunder
The spine throbs, the silent voice withers
I slowly release you from my hand
And bid farewell to the realm of dreams

Ch 31

Step by step, we keep moving forward

Ch 33

Even in the ever encroaching Mist
There is hope

Ch 34

Luso: Does all medicine have to taste terrible?
Auggie: That's how you know it works, my boy. Thank you for taking the time to heal him, Kanin.
Kanin: No trouble at all. Oh, and Luso?
Luso: Ye-?
Narration: He hadn't even the time to finish before the blunt crown of Kanin's Unicorn Staff crashed down onto his brown haired head. He let out a comically horrid scream, clutching his cranium in pain.
Kanin: If you ever die on me again, I'll kill you.
Luso: Women are scary, Professor Augustus.
Auggie: Yes, my boy. Yes they are.
—After the Mist Channeling procedure is complete

Ch 35

Rain is merely the heaven's weeping
The sun is the happiness that dries those tears

Ch 36

This prison called revenge
Shaped by the rain
Locked by memories of you

Ch 37

Time stopped moving for us on that day
Trapped in this never ending cycle of retribution

Ch 38

One cannot grow dwelling on the past
Only by looking towards the future can he move ahead

Vili: What happened with his left wing? I thought I petrified it earlier today.
Loa: You did. Cockatrice and their variants carry in their breath a unique chemical that can cause petrification. Most people aren't aware that their saliva contains a separate chemical that can dissolve petrification.
Luso: So it drooled on itself?
Loa: In laymen's terms, yes.
—Rematch with Klesta

Ch 39

Such a miserable, lonesome thing
That connects those of us on earth to those in the sky

Ch 41

We, as humans, hold in our hands
The power to shape our own life
We, as leaders, hold in our fists
The power to stomp out life
Judgemaster Cid Randell

Adelle: JDP? Why did we come here?
Cid: Well, you see...None of you are actually apart of Clan Gully...
—Even the apologetic grin that he gave Luso, Cheney, Hurdy, Adelle and Vili wasn't enough to prevent the confused, slightly annoyed silence that followed

Ch 42

I cannot feel it, I cannot hear it
I cannot see it, I should not fear it
Yet there it remains, ever looming around me
Hidden amongst the shadows of my own imagination

Ch 43

Kanin: Nice to meet you. I...I can't help but feel that I've heard your names somewhere before, though.
Penelo: Something tells me they weren't in a good light.
Adelle: Well I don't know about Rabanastre, but as for Jylland, sky pirates aren't much of a well-received lot. I knew those names sounded familiar. According to the papers and pub gossip, you two have been on quite a heist streak.
Vaan: You steal a few precious jewels and suddenly a whole country won't keep quiet about you. This Jylland, nothing like Dalmasca, for sure.
Luso: A few? Even one theft is enough to get you thrown in jail.
—Kanin and Adelle meet Vaan and Penelo

Luso: Anyway, if you're done shopping I'll take the money back now.
Luso: Adelle...what happened to all the gil.
Adelle: Well we went shopping, didn't we?
Luso: Yes, but there was a lot of gil in here. How could you have spent so much of it?
Adelle: You've never been shopping with me, have you?
—Luso cursed the fact that he held even a margin of admittedly unjustified trust in Adelle.

Ch 44

Even your ice cold chains
Can't hold me down

Ch 45

Is not only for the strong who bested the weak
Ensei: Since when have you had so much faith in Luso?
Adelle: Let's...just say I owe him one this time. And besides...what do you mean? I've always had faith in Luso.
Ensei: No. You haven't.
Adelle: Of course I have.
Hurdy: But Adelle...Didn't you bet against Luso winn—? "Death Glare"
—During the Acqua Alta

Luso: I can't believe you beat me again, Vaan.
Diez: What I don't understand is how both of you broke through that wall of ice.
Vaan: Well, in short, Luso broke through the top of your wall, the thinnest point. Remember when I said that none of us had the means to get past this wall? Well I actually had a means to. The fish I was using, an Ewohl Flying Fish, has the remarkable ability to leap from the water and glide relatively lengthy distances. I had a way over the wall, I just needed a hole. After you broke through, I waited until you were far enough, and leapt it myself. Then I followed behind you just enough to where you wouldn't notice me, let the four of you battle it out and waste your energy, then claimed the prize at the end.
Luso: So you lied?
Vaan: Of course. That's just something we sky pirates do.
—Luso has a lot to learn about Sky Pirates

Nero: I apologize, Baron, but I will have to refuse your offer. I have prior commitments.
Baron Beltorey: I see. That's a shame.
Vaan: If you would be alright with it, we'd be happy to accept that invite on his behalf.
Baron Beltorey: Oh? "The man sent them a wry smile." The famed Sky Pirates attending my ball? I must be sure to hide all my valuables then. "The two males each gave a laugh, but even Luso noted how subtly serious he was being" . Very well, then. The details are all written. I look forward to seeing all of you.
—After the race

Luso: By the way, how much did you even bet, Adelle?
Adelle: About twenty five hundred gil. And you just gave away half of five thousand away.
Luso: mean we're right back where we started.
Adelle: Basically.
Narration: The power of teamwork triumphs!...sort of.
—Also after the race

Ch 46

The only thing we have to fear
Is the lack of it

Ch 47

Is a terrible thing to shoulder

Luso, Kanin, Cheney, and Hurdy: You're no better than she is...
—At Baron Beltorey's party

Ch 48

Deeper than the earth's core
More abundant than the stars
Shrouded in the veil of the night
Baron Beltorey

Penelo: A pleasure to meet you, Lady Zoldycke.
Vaan: A pleasure indeed. I imagine the head of a shipwright company like yourself should have a few...more affordable airships in your hangars.
Illua: If you're looking to purchase, I'd be glad to have you visit one of my establishments sometime. Bear in mind that company policy only accepts full down payments from Sky Pirates.
—The sky pirates meet Illua

Ch 49

Shall we dance to the death

Ch 50

Gun-toting, sword-swinging
Treasure stealing, freedom chasing
That's the way we live

Ch 51

That divide
On the faraway other end
Lies our salvation and destruction

Ch 52

There is no turning back
From this pitch black path I tread

Ch 53

The king gallops, the hunter draws
The king smashes the bones underneath, the hunter aims clearly
The king's prideful howl resounds, the arrow blasts forth

Ch 54

Only if from your lips
I would lay down my life at a single word
Al Cid Margrace

Ch 55

Together, we destroy each other
Ravaging like beasts, searing flesh
Apart, we wander
Aimlessly, longing for sanctuary

Ch 56

A word for those who do not understand
That this world was built on deception

Ch 57

Like the crimson sunset
Live like you're on fire
Sir Loin

Ch 58

Humans are such insignificant creatures, no?

Ch 59

Let's enjoy this happiness
You and I, just for today

Baron Beltorey: Liar. You're really going to leave just like that? Not even a goodbye? To any of them?
Crow: I don't belong with those people. Not after everything I've taken part in. Criminal scum like me know their place at least.
Baron Beltorey: But even scum can transcend and redeem itself, if given only a chance.
—Part of the aftermath of the attack on Khamja's base

Baron Beltorey: Whichever path you decided on, Crow, make sure to help Clan Gully in any possible way you can. Things will only become more difficult from here on out.
Crow: Why do you say that? Khamja?
Baron Beltorey: More than that. Clan Gully just rescued the Baron of Grazton, one of the three most influential people in the entirety of the Loar Republic. This incident is going to spread like wildfire, and whether for better or worse, this small eight-person clan is now officially on the map.
—Clan Gully becomes Famed in Story

Ch 60

Sun, Moon
No matter which one's up
It's always a good time for killing

Kain: Alright, I'll withdraw for now. So I guess you're cutting ties with us here, Francesca?
Francesca: Jytras Mercantile will no longer associate with you. Too long have I assisted your warmongering organization, biding my time for the opportune moment to strike back. As you crawl back to your leader, tell her this. We of Duelhorn now officially declare war on Khamja.

Ch 61

There is no distance great enough on this earth
To separate our souls

Crow: Wait! I...I...At least say goodbye...please.
Luso: Why would we say that to you? You're coming with us.
Crow: Wha...What are you talking about? I can't go with...
Adelle: See. I told you he would resist. Ignore us while we kidnap your guest.
Baron Beltorey: Feel free. I've had enough of this freeloader anyway. Maybe you can teach him something.
Ensei: Since you're a new member, I'll lay down the law for you. Our rates at Clan Gully are pretty high. You have to participate in missions and contribute to the clan funds, but you can keep most of what you make.
Hurdy: You're required to tell stories around the campfire, kupo.
Cheney: The good ones, though. Don't hold out on us. And now you can start all of our fires too.
Ensei: And your most important duty. You're required to love every single one of your clansmen, for better or worse, and die for their sake if need be. Even if it costs you everything. Even your goal.
Luso and Adelle: Think you can handle that?
Crow: Absolutely.
Luso: Welcome to Clan Gully.
—Crow joins Clan Gully

Ch 62

Interconnected, we are
So close, within a hair's breadth
Yet our heart does linger elsewhere

Ch 63

The quality of mercy should be far from strained

Chita: Not bad, kid.
Cheney: Not bad! What part of that was good? They completely trounced us in there, and neither of you did a single thing. As far as I'm concerned, we lost.
Camoa native: No, you didn't. Don't you believe them.
Cheney: Believe who?
Camoa native: That Nu Mou and his gang of ruffians. I was just in that pub. Don't you two dare believe a word of the hogwash they were spouting. Good will isn't dead, and it shouldn't be thrown away to chase after a handful of coin. You two are in a clan, aren't you?
Luso: Yes, sir. We are.
Camoa native: If you try for the Camoa Cup, I'll be eager to watch you. Show them what a real clan is like.
—A native of Camoa encourages Luso and Cheney after a confrontation with Acidwire

Luso: I don't get it. Why do you guys always go along with my selfishness?
Kanin: We haven't figured that out yet.
Crow: You just have that effect, I guess.
Hurdy: Well someone has to do it, kupo.
Vili: Force of habit, perhaps?
Adelle: Maybe we're gluttons for punishment?
Cheney: Or we're still waiting on that better from 'for better or worse'.
Luso: Alright I get it.
—Everybody joking about Luso's Chronic Hero Syndrome

Ch 64

The soul forged by fire
Burns the brightest

Gofannon: Good to see you, Sasasha. Sorry for having you bring her up here. Hopefully she wasn't too much to handle.
Sasasha: None at all, Gofannon. Certainly more mannered and composed than you've ever been.
Gofannon: Charming as ever, I see.
—Anna and Sasasha meet up with Anna's dad again

Ensei: Oh. Hey guys. "Ensei gets doused in water". Now was that really necessary?
Most of Clan Gully as of the relevant moment: Where have you been!
Ensei: Oh you know. Just enjoying the land festival. Here you go, Kanin. I figured you'd like this.
Cheney: Wait….so you're…you're telling me that the entire time we've been fighting for our lives in that arena…you've been parading around in this fair?
Ensei: Actually….yeah that sounds about right.
Cheney: I have no words for this.
—Ensei was fooling around while his clan was doing work

Ch 65

Your reach doesn't end at the tips of your fingers

Cid: That's not what I meant! You...I thought you promised to keep them safe. What is this, Ensei?
Ensei: We're going to save St. Galleria. Those were Luso's words. And soon they were Cheney's, and Kanin's, and Hurdy's, and Adelle's, and Vili's, and Crow's. I don't have the right to stop them. I don't want to. If you had seen the Camoa Cup, Cid. They're not just talk. It won't be easy, but we can do it. We will do it.
Baron Beltorey: We'll...just pick this up later, Ensei. Now isn't the right time to—
Cid: No, it's alright. Nothing will change their minds anyway. I approve. Go. Go and turn that Palace Tourney inside out. Fly so high that nobody can touch us, and I can finally live at ease.
—Cid learns and talks with Ensei about Clan Gully taking part in the Camoa Cup over Whisperweed.

Ch 67

The past cannot so easily be erased

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