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Trivia / The Tainted Grimoire

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  • Ascended Fanon: A reviewer proposed during the St. Galleria arc to have Luso get Parivir clothing when he actually becomes a Parivir. The author worked this into the story in Chapter 65, albeit, it was a personalized Parivir outfit.
  • Audience Participation: cuttingmoon57 held a poll where readers can decide whether Luso should get a normal size katana or a larger sized one. For the record, the latter won.
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  • Line to God: This is a Fan Fic on FanFiction.Net, you could just go to cuttingmoon57's profile if you want to send a private message.
  • What Could Have Been: The author originally planned for Veis instead of Vili to join Clan Gully. Also, Vili didn't exist in the original plan. The original plan was scrapped and Vili was created because cuttingmoon57 didn't like the idea of altering important canon clans.
  • Word of God: The character's corner and author's note have both clarified a few things, such as reasons for making one thing the way it is. Also, through private messaging, cuttingmoon57 revealed him/herself to be a fan of TV Tropes.

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