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Clan Gully's CP total is Over Nine Thousand
Why not?

Luso holds the current world record for largest Air Render ever produced
At the very least it is well above average.

Hurdy will gain Animist abilities
While he, Cheney and Adelle are in the Aldanna Range.

Kanin will become an Elementalist as part of eventually becoming a Summoner
Kanin also hopes the new uniform will attract Luso's attention.
  • Anna is going to help Kanin with the Elementalist equipment.

A member of either the Bangaa, Gria, Nu Mou or Seeq race will join Clan Gully before the Palace Tourney
They will definitely need extra members to increase their odds of winning.
  • I got my money on Grant.
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  • A seeq joining Clan Gully while they are in the Zedlei forest is also possible.

The last conflict between Coronet members
It was between whoever was in charge of Fluorgis and Goug. The incident caused the guys in charge to be expelled from the Coronet.
  • Ensei, Loin and Andie all know something about this. Chita might know something as well.

Auron from Final Fantasy X will appear
He has already been mentioned. That brings hope that he will appear in the story. Whether or not he is actually alive though is a different matter altogether.
  • His might be drawn to Luso's sword Yuunagi.

Duke Reiglard will cheat during the Palace Tourney
All to make sure he wins the bet and take control of the Galleria Deep.
  • His actions will be discovered.
    • Only by the heroes and not enough to prove it to everyone.
    • Judgemaster Cid is the one that tells Clan Gully that whatever they got is not enough evidence though he himself believes them.

Khamja and Duelhorn will fight a war that no one notices at first
It will gradually escalate until people notice. The Jylland Defenders of the Peace and the Clans will have their work cut out for them trying to stop both.
  • It shall be epic.

Just like the games. Also like the games Snakeheart will be the exception.

During the Evil vs. Evil conflict Khamja and Duelhorn has...
  • Duelhorn will lose.
    • It will not be an overall Curb-Stomp Battle, they will give Khamha a run for their money.
  • Khamja will prove to be Eviler Than Thou.
    • It seems almost inevitable.
  • Snakeheart will betray Duelhorn.
    • This is the main reason Duelhorn lost.

Clan Gully will meet Jerkass competitors during the Palace Tourney just like Acidwire during the Camoa Cup
These guys are the ones Reighlard has chosen as his representatives for his bet with Beltorey.

Obligatory wild mass guessing thing as dictated by number 14 of the Trope Example Laws
  • Illua is a Time Lord.
  • Luso is Jesus.
  • That woman Luso sees in his dreams is Haruhi Suzumiya.

Lezaford will unlock Adelle's Heritor powers
Just in time for the Palace Tourney.
  • She won't be that skilled, she will only have the basics.
    • The above is so we can avoid Story-Breaker Power, at least until Clan Gully encounters more powerful opponents.

Clan Gully will battle demons
Any demon counts. They could be literal demons, spiritual demons, inner demons, if they are referred to as demons, as long as it isn't clearly something else, it counts.
  • It might be Illua turning into a demon.

Clan Gully will learn about Grant's past
At a very bad moment like when they need his help the most.
  • Although Cid and Crow could then vouch for Grant by reminding them it is possible for scum to redeem itself.
    • And Cid invites Grant to join Clan Gully.

Fran and Balthier will make an appearance
They will have their own kid with them.

Illua will hypnotise Adelle into fighting against Clan Gully
Just like the games. Also like the games, she will snap out of it.
  • After an epic battle where Adelle shows the true potential of a Heritor.

Kain will fight against all of Clan Gully
Despite the numerical disadvantage, Kain is badass enough to fight them to a standstill.
  • Cid knows Kain personally.
    • Kain uses this to his advantage.

Kanin will give Luso a Smooch of Victory
This is after Clan Gully wins a significant victory.

Kanin's mother is Francesca
The hints are strong. The hints are very strong indeed.
  • Cheney and Vili will be shocked.
  • Sasasha already knows this.
  • Francesca will be the one to reveal this and Ensei will confirm it.
  • It will be revealed as such when Clan Gully confronts Duelhorn.
  • Kanin has some suspicions.

Luso's new sword can teach him every ability a Parivir is capable of learning
Fighter abilities are also possible but that is probably stretching it a bit.

Khamja and/or Duelhorn will do something that has something to do with the Palace Tourney
  • Perhaps as recruitment grounds?
    • It is where powerful clans gather to fight each other.
  • Or to attack to show of their strenght?
    • Whatever battle that occurs will be a stalemate until Judgemaster Cid enters the fray.
  • Might they attack to preach their beliefs and goals?
    • Unlikely but could be done if planned properly like what Amon did.

Khamja has more power and influence than any one member of the Coronet
Just like the games.
  • EVERYONE not a current or former member of Khamja will be shocked.
    • Baron Beltorey won't be surprised since Ewen let slip that Khamja believes that they are more powerful than Duke Reighlard but will nevertheless be distraught at it's widespread revelation or confirmation.
  • Cid will reveal or confirm this.

Some of the other competitors in the Palace Tourney will initially underestimate Clan Gully
They will quickly be singing a different tune.
  • After Luso fires his massive Air Render.
  • Or they see Ensei in Clan Gully's ranks.
  • Or get reminded that Clan Gully saved Baron Beltorey and won the Camoa Cup.
  • Or Adelle dodging everything, everything their opponents throw at them.
  • Or Luso and Hurdy show of their Resonation combination.

Adelle will train to become a ninja
Instant Awesome Just Add Ninja.
  • Starting around or just before the Palace Tourney.

Khamja commanders are as powerful as the Jylland Defenders of the Peace Judges
Every citizen of Jylland who previously did not know of Khamja will be shocked.
  • Especially the Judges themselves.

Kanin will eventually ask Luso out for a date
She has gotten fed up with trying to get his attention or waiting for him to notice her and decides to take a more upfront approach.
  • Anna and Maria will be envious.

Queen Remedi and Judgemaster Cid were or are going to be a couple
I base this on the fact that we have seen Judgemaster Cid staring at Queen Remedi.
  • The prince that has been mentioned in passing could be their son.
    • Even if it isn't, the prince could just look up to Judgemaster Cid as a father figure anyway.

We will see Jagd Zellea again
There's a building there and combined with Law of Conservation of Detail, it must be important.
  • It has something to do with Khamja.

Clan Gully will turn the Palace Tourney inside out
They will come out on top.
  • The finals will be awesome.
    • Especially if it is against the ones Duke Reighlard has chosen as his representatives.
      • Facing the Duke's representatives is almost mandatory for maximum drama and tension.

Cid will fully recover soon
Making him ready for the Palace Tourney.
  • Bonus points if the rest of Clan Gully are too tired or injured to fight and almost lost by disqualification due to no one being able to battle.

During the Zedlei Forest arc...
  • The conflict will ultimately be resolved peacefully.
    • One of the Zedlei forest Viera might even join Clan Gully.
      • That Viera would be from their first introduction sympathetic to Clan Gully and doesn't like what the other Viera are doing.
  • The conflict is about the Zedlei Forest Viera considering Clan Gully trespassers and a danger to the forest and lump them together with those who are actually doing the damage.
    • Clan Gully will set them straight.
      • And then they will become much friendlier to those just passing through.
  • The Zedlei Forest Viera might consider Vili a Category Traitor.
    • Vili will be disgusted by the Fantastic Racism shown by the Zedlei Forest Viera.
  • They might also try to kill Kanin for being a Half-Human Hybrid.
    • They will regret that decision when Ensei sees this.
  • The Zedlei Forest Viera will discover that Luso has a higher connection to the Mist then Humes usually have due to his Mist Channeling.
    • This causes them to put him in a prison separate from the rest of Clan Gully.
  • A Green Aesop is involved somehow.
    • It could be subtle.
    • It could be mentioned.
    • It could be excessive.

Kanin has previously encountered the Zedlei Forest Viera before
It's helps explain why she is suddenly so nervous and wearing her Wizard's Hat again.
  • Although, it could just be that she heard rumours and stories and that is what made her nervous, but the original point is a lot cooler.

Luso's sister, Frimelda, is still alive
She has become a Paladin and will join Clan Gully.
  • There will be a happy reunion between Luso and Frimelda.
    • Some short explanation on Luso's part may be needed for the benefit of the rest of Clan Gully.

Francesca is in the Zedlei Forest at the same time as Clan Gully
It will be interesting to see them meet.
  • This will be when Clan Gully first learns of Duelhorn.
  • This will also be when Kanin learns Francesca is her mother.

Duke Reighlard will be expelled from the Coronet
His questionable actions will be brought to Queen Remedi's attention and she will expel him for it and strip all power and title from him.
  • This will happen close to the stories end.

Duke Reighlard is connected to the last conflict between Coronet members
It's possible.
  • It probably involved manipulating the others to go to war with each other.

Lord Eden of Camoa is as powerful as a Jylland Defenders of the Peace Judge
If not more so.
  • Why else make a large show of how massive he is.

Ensei is the other guy that went through Mist Channeling
Auggie mentioned something about surgery while talking to Ensei. Also Ensei seems to knows plenty about Mist Channeling.

Clan Gully will get to personally meet Queen Remedi
They've already met Lord Eden and Baron Beltorey. I think it would be nice if they meet Queen Remedi too.
  • May be part of the victory ceremony for winning the Palace Tourney.
  • May be part of an inquiry into Duke Reighlard's questionable actions.

Clan Gully will be challenged to a Speed Battle
Speed battles are where two contenders select a mark and try to be the first to take it out. Clan Gully will get at least one such battle because of their Famed in Story status.
  • A Gria challenging them and joining them after losing is possible.
  • Chita might issue such a challenge just so he and Ensei can have a little fun.
    • Ensei will make the rest of Clan Gully do it by calling it training.
      • Everybody else knows what is really going on but takes part anyway because it's fun.

There is something special about Cheney
An Icedrake he freed used Mighty Guard on Cheney to protect him, but dragons don't get attached so easily to other creatures as stated in-story.

Clan Gully will meet House Bowen again
"Why?" you ask, "Why not?" I say.
  • It could be before, during or right after the Palace Tourney.
    • Vili and Veis will be happily catching up while the rest of Clan Gully asks Luso and Cheney about the time they helpes House Bowen take down Klesta.

We will meet the staff of the Bonga Bugle
Come on, the Head Editor guy was hilarious.
  • He might be doing the scoop on the Palace Tourney.
  • Or he is also in the Zedlei Forest at the same time as Clan Gully to look for a story.
    • That story will involve the conflict of Zedlei Forest that Clan Gully took part in.

Clan Gully will get involved with a Government Conspiracy
They are becoming big names this Clan Gully. They have captured the attentions of high-ranking government officials. Heck, they are even friends with a Coronet member and the Judgemaster. Because of this, they will get pulled into or uncover such a conspiracy.
  • It will involve Baron Beltorey's bet with Duke Reighlard.
  • A separate one could involve the last conflict between Coronet members.
  • Or an attempt to assinate Queen Remedi.
    • And they will foil the assassination attempt.

Grant was a Division Commander of Khamja before quitting
I don't see why not.
  • I will be happy with just Lieutenant.

Veis has a thing for Bowen
There is a subtle but strong hint for this.

Luso's teacher from the first chapter will appear in Ivalice
Mr. R is described as a 'fairly young, blonde haired educator'. Who else is a young and works in the school? Mewt. Mr. R is Retired Badass Marche Radiuju from the original group. He'll make his appearance alongside Mewt and Ritz during the Pallace Tourney as the last opponents.

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