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Funny / Tails of the Old Republic

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Spoilers Off applies to all Funny pages, so all spoilers are unmarked. You Have Been Warned!

  • Tails' reaction to girls throughout the story. He's not very good at interacting with them when the subject of romance comes up.
  • In Chapter 026, Tails insists he flies down to the Undercity with Carth. Carth thinks Tails has gone soft in the head, so Tails demonstrates... by jumping out the window of an air shaft. When Tails reveals, with Sonic-like smugness, that yes he CAN fly, Carth punches him square on the nose!
    Tails: "OK... maybe I deserved that..."
    Carth: "Damn right, you did!"
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  • Hilarity Ensues after Tails saves a bunch of Outcasts, and gets kissed in chapter 031. Which leads to...
    Carth: Snap out of it, you blockhead!
  • After his nightmare in Chapter 040, Tails wakes up to find someone snuggled up against him. With building panic and horror, Tails slowly turns his head, tracing his eyes up the interloper's arm, until he's face-to-face with Mission Vao. His blood-curdling (if entirely mental) scream is what sells it.
  • Bastila using Jedi Mind Trick to get past the upper city Sith guard, in an almost identical way to the way Obi-Wan first used it.
  • Sarna's reaction to the Sith Governer of Taris babbling on and the team listening to him.
    Sarna: Can we please kill him while he's still yammering?

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