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Funny / The Subspace Emissary's Worlds Conquest

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  • Chris and Jeff's unfortunate sight of seeing Lucario beheading living beings by accident using his Super Strength. This becomes a Running Gag with mixed results during the entire EarthBound arc.
  • Dr. Andonuts trying to politely study Lucario and get him into a stasis tube.
    Lucario: Bite me.
  • Chris trying to get Ness to complain about paying $50 for a pizza. Ness just doesn't see why it is so weird.
  • Lucario accidentally blows up the evil circus tent and creates a smoking crater that freaks the children. After sleeping at the hotel and exiting the room, the waiter reads them the headlines of the newspaper about the crater's appearance where Threed's committee simply deduced "The zombies did it."
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  • Ness's irate rant to the Mr. Saturns who tried to kidnap and bring him to the villains to kill him so they would release the captive Mr. Saturns.
  • The villains all end up being taken down in unorthodox ways the first time they reveal themselves, except for brainwashed Wolf, who did get to fight for a while.
  • Master Hand's utter lack of excitement after realizing he only has two people in a huge mansion that used to occupy over 20 people.
  • The Ice Climbers giving their insight on every Melee participant they think Mario is boring, Peach is too much into pink, Ness is an egotistical bastard with Pikachu not being any better, Fox and Falco being both a huge Deadpan Snarker and how Fox won the most Melee tourneys for being a savant in the arts of Final Destination, all the swordsmen being crazy about swords so much they formed a sword club, and the list goes on...
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  • Lucario getting a series of dreams that involve Repede taking his spot as Chris's favorite person in the world. Just as he thinks the dreams are over, a Big-Lipped Alligator Moment ensues when the last one has multiple dancing Popos filling the infirmary.
  • Marth getting a full dose of Violation of Common Sense after Tidus forces him to train a Chocobo.
    Marth closed his eyes. "Please tell me there are no more flying balls in this race," he pleaded.
    "What are you talking about?" the trainer asked as if the prince was crazy. "That's part of the training!"
  • The Chrono Trigger arc is made out of funny stuff. Highlights include...
    • Marle suggesting a solution for six people to travel inside the Epoch's lack of seats: one person sitting on top of another's lap. Conveniently, she picks Crono as her choice and continues eliminating other possible choices for her only.
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  • Dark Gaia becomes into a murder machine if Light Gaia isn't around. What happens if this is inverted?
    Chip: If he was gone, I'd probably enslave the entire human race to do my bidding.
  • Chris getting insulted by the Ancient Minister at every opportunity while the first is behind bars.
  • An unfortunate Smasher takes a sniff of Wario's fart. DEAR GOD WHAT DOES HE EAT.

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