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  • The shouty beauty ad in episode 07 of the 2008 run (see the external link above for Ridiculously Loud Commercial).
    If you get some, you'll get some!
  • Gruen Nation demonstrating the perils of shooting an ad against blue-screen. Rickroll!
  • Also from Gruen Nation, the panel discuss what happens when things go seriously wrong in a campaign, using one infamous example:
    1993!John Hewson: To give you an accurate answer, I have to know the exact type of cake, to give you a detailed answer. I mean if it's just a cake, from a cake shop that is not currently present to sales tax, it will not attract the GST. If it is a cake shop, a cake from a shop that has sales tax, and it's decorated with candles as you say, that attracts sales tax, then of course we scrap the sales tax before the GST is imposed.
    Mike Willesee: It's just an example. If the answer to a birthday cake is so complex, you do have a problem with the overall GST don't you?
    [back on the panel]
    Wil: So run us through it again — [cracks up laughing] John, what's it like when you're leader and the wheels fall off?
  • In one 2013 episode, they swapped the 'My Favourite Things' cover from a One Direction ad into a weird ad for the Barossa Valley that had previously had 'Red Right Hand' by Nick Cave in it. Then they swapped them again, and there is just something so incredibly hilarious about One Direction and 'Red Right Hand' together. It basically made the entire band look like fruit and flower-obsessed serial killers.
    • Wil taking the Running Gag of Niall to the extreme by mentioning the brand-named beers that are being released, and then suggesting 'Ni-ale'.
  • The 2013 Brown Logie award for 'Worst Celebrity Endorsement'. After the original winners (a tie between two separate cigarette ads with Daleks and Fred Flintstone and Barney Rubble) were unable to be shown due to ABC broadcasting laws, the panel settled on showing the third runner-up: Wil himself.
  • On one season, they examined an ABC ad featuring Wil, Todd and Russel. Todd hated it, and flatly told the ABC to pull the ad because it was shit.
  • The Brown Logie's theme tune. Each week, a different sound effect is added, ranging from doorbells to organs and lawnmower.
  • Russel pretending he's a bottle of milk, which is a Running Gag in episode 3.07
    Russel: If you're in the milk-marketing business, the best thing to do is to imagine you're a bottle of milk. You've just got to imagine—
    [everyone bursts out laughing]
    Todd: I'm trying to work with that, Russel. I'm a white bottle, with a top on my head...
    Russel: —and, everyone's walking past you. So you've got to think, "I am a bottle of milk, I have to be chosen," so you've got to go "Look at me, pick me!"—
    Dan Gregory: You're saying this out loud, Russel.
    [slightly later]
    Wil: I think at the moment he's one of the low price ones, he's going "C'mere, I'm cheap, I'm cheap!"

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