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Funny / The End of the Affair

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For the My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU Fanfic:

Even for a mostly humourless fic like this there are a few moments that make you chuckle. Spoilers unmarked.
  • Hachiman lamenting the fact that Saika has unarguably grown past his Dude Looks Like a Lady phase; he now has a beard and smokes.
  • While Hachiman is looking over the business card that the private detective gave him, he notes he can barely read the text on a count of most of the space being taken up by a picture of Luffy and he grouses that Conan would have been more appropriate.
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  • Hachiman and pregnant Komachi. Or really a lot of the moments between Hachiman and Komachi count as this.
  • Though it was overall a pretty depressing moment overall, when Hachiman first sees that Yukino is pregnant the first thing he says is, "So you've been pigging out on a lot of snacks while you were alone." Cue Death Glare from Yukino.