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As this is a Funny Moments page, spoilers will be left unmarked.

     The Conjuring 
  • When the Warrens first set up their equipment to monitor the house, one of the things they do is tie bells to the door knobs so that they can hear them open. The first time a door mysteriously opens, it's just Brad coming from out the bathroom.
    • Everyone gathers around as the suspense starts to build up when a bell in the bathroom's door rang as the door is opened, until it's revealed it's just Brad. His nonchalant attitude makes it funnier.
    Brad: "What? I had to go."
    • Later, the bell in the basement door rang as the door is opened, except it's not Brad, and he had to confirm it when Ed looked at him accusingly.
    Brad: "It wasn't me."
  • This exchange:
    Lorraine: Do you remember what you said to me on our wedding night?
    Ed: "Can we do it again?"
  • When Brad goes to get more coffee, he sees a woman dressed as a maid with her wrists slit and she walks away. Brad's reaction? To call out for her to wait up and then FOLLOW HER. It's quickly followed by a Mood Whiplash, however.
    • It's also less funny when you realize that the ghost was genuinely trying to either warn him about Bethesba or ask for help herself.
  • Cindy's first instance of sleepwalking. Sure, it's kinda mean, but the way she keeps face-planting the door harkens to a buggy NPC running into a wall.
    • It doesn't help that it looked like she was trying to enter Narnia through the wardrobe.
  • "Stop farting. It really stinks." The whole audience chuckled.
  • "Did the draft do that to your face?"
    • "I'd take a guy with a gun any day."
  • Finally, after all of the terror and torment of the previous night, and having to perform the exorcism without a priest, Lorraine finds out: "The Church approved the exorcism."
  • Oldest daughter Andrea complaining about the stench in her room and her mom's reaction to it.
    Andrea: There was a real funky smell in my room last night, it smelled like something died.
    Mom: Is it still there?
    Andrea: ...No.
    Mom: Problem solved!
  • While an effective scary moment in itself, some online have noted that the bed sheet scene can be interpreted as the demon getting smacked in the face with a sheet while trying to sneak up on Lorraine, and storming inside in embarrassment.
  • Black Comedy example: Ankle Drag happens to two characters (Christine Perron and Judy Warren, in two separate occassions) when their feet are uncovered by a blanket. So it seems the myth that said monsters/supernatural beings tend to grab and/or drag people's ankles when their feet are uncovered by a blanket is true, after all!

     The Conjuring 2 
  • The police officers' reaction when called to investigate the Hodgson house and seeing the poltergeist move the chair back into the kitchen.
  • Peggy Hodgson telling Ed Warren that her husband took the music with him when he left. Ed naturally assumes she's using the figure of speech that means he took all the joy out of the house, but Peggy clarifies that she literally means that he took their entire record collection with him when he left.


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