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  • From the "lost arc" featuring the "G7 Authority" that was installed after Seth defeated the originals: The Surgeon(The Doctor's counterpart), after invading the collective human consciousness (aka Garden of Ancestral Memory), proceeds to create a new religion, one that is more... let's say... commercially aligned. The result is a hilarious creature/god that looks like a mix of Krishna, a putti, and Pikachu. Its name: Religimon!
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  • When the Authority are relating one of their adventures to the toddler, Jenny Q, they mention that a monster nearly ate Midnighter. Jenny remarks in disgust:
    Jenny: Yuck! Who'd want to eat Daddy?
    Cut to Apollo giving Midnighter a suggestive smirk.
  • But the smile on the Midnighter's face as he smashes the carrier into Kaizen Gamorra's tower is just priceless.
    Midnighter: I love being me.
  • The Kev miniseries is a marvel of Black Comedy. Stupid Crooks interrupting their own raid due to a Django Unchained-esque argument? Check. High-up government officials caught with their pants down? Check. Poisoning a (different) government official with... material on-hand? Check.
    • The thing with the tiger...
    • Kev and Midnighter finally come to blows in the second miniseries, where Kev complains that if Apollo wasnt there to protect Midnighters ass, Kev could totally take him (not realizing that Midnighter isnt actually a Badass Normal). Midnighter asks Apollo to sit out the following fight, which lasts all of one page, and just shows Kev walking through the top panel, then gets punched across the last panel. Even his old squadmates point out how stupid it is to pick a fight with Midnighter.
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    • The miserable failure of the UK metahuman creation program, which has produced nothing but drooling morons in tights. Ennis hatred of standard superheroes really shines through.


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