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For a movie with a title like Terrifier, there sure are some pretty genuinely funny parts.

Unmarked spoilers ahead. You've been warned.

  • While it's still unnerving, the pizzeria sequence where Art is "flirting" with Tara and making faces at her. For that matter, Dawn going up to him and taking selfies with him, much to his visible annoyance.
  • After being kicked out of the pizzeria for making a mess in the bathroom, Art can be seen flipping off the manager as he's shoved out the door.
  • Art, after committing his most atrocious kill in the movie, Crosses the Line Twice by taking a selfie with the corpse.
  • The scene where Art rides a trike.
  • After Victoria rips open the plastic wrap Art is suffocating her with and breaks free, Art takes a few seconds to look at the ripped plastic as if to say "how'd that happen?"
  • Art bobbing his head to the music on the radio of the truck he just hit Victoria with.
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  • The cops show up and threaten to shoot Art. His response is to roll his single eye. Made even funnier by the fact that this part was improv on Thornton's part.
  • A meta-example: Damien Leone underwent a Creator Breakdown while shooting the movie, and during breaks, would often look up pictures of hedgehogs on his phone.

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