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  • Mac helps Andy Leonard try to sell some cocaine, but when he realizes it's a setup by the cops (which Nick is inadvertently involved in), Mac destroys the evidence. His reasoning?
    Mac: As dumb as (Andy) is...he's my lawyer.
    • Nick's reaction when he sees the show of force by the police and DEA is pretty funny as well.
    Cop: You did, lieutenant.
  • Carlos' reaction to having to wait for Mac in his house while Mac was having sex with Jo Ann:
    Carlos: With you , Mac, I trust with my life, but you keep me waiting all goddamn night without showing the slightest sign of worrying about me.
    Mac: Hey, I'm sorry, man.
    Carlos: (as he's walking up the stairs and eating food Joanna had cooked earlier) Forget it, you had your hands full. I could see that. What's more, you fuck like a world champion. Four fucking hours! Those cops out there are terrified their wives are going to hear about this. I got starved just watching! (Beat) She can cook too, this girl. Believe me, if she'd be willing to take out the garbage, marry her. Trust me, buddy.

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