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Funny / Tenacious D in The Pick of Destiny

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  • The Mushroom Samba. Especially whenever it cuts back to what's really happening. In one shot, Jack is singing inanely (with no backing band) while climbing up a tree. In another, he's being swept by raging rapids without a care in the world.
  • Kage's flashback to his childhood, if only for that silly walk he does. Kyle Gass apparently taught the child actor how to walk like him.
  • This exchange
    Cripple: Come over here. I'm going to fucking stab you.
    Kage: ...What?
    Jables: ...No, we're not coming over there.
    Cripple: Fine. Stay where you are, then. I'm going to come over there! (starts shuffling forward) I'm going to slice out your eyes... and your balls... and then I am going to stick your eyes in your ballsacks... and then I will take your balls... and I will put them... in your eye-holes!
    Kage: (to Jables) Dude, we could totally outrun him.
    Jables: Totally, let's bail.
    (They run. A little later, police arrive in response to the theft of the pick.)
    Cripple: Catch me if you can!
    (They do so effortlessly.)
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  • The Bong of destiny.
  • "I need a tight compadre who will teach me how to rock/My father thinks you're evil, but man, he can suck a cock!" All said in a sweet hopeful tone befitting a sympathetic hero.
  • Almost every single word out of the Devil's mouth.
    "You guys are fucking LAME!"
    "DANG! DRAT! Fuuudge!"
    • Even funnier is that the devil is played by Dave Grohl, one of the nicest and sweetest men in rock and roll.
  • The first verse of "Master Exploder"
    I do not need! (He does not need...)
    A microphone! (A microphone!)
    My voice is FUCKIN'! (Fuckin!)
  • After JB and KG's near-breakup after KG is exposed as a fraud, Lee, who has been off camera for most of the incident, reveals that he's been there the whole time and looks upon their matching ass birthmarks in wonderment:
    Lee: You guys... look!
  • Ben Stiller's hammy performance as the music store clerk. Especially when he lights his Zippo in the dark room and dramatically makes a Title Drop, followed by KG turning on the lights.
    Clerk: No, don't... (angrily closes his lighter) Have a seat.
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  • The open mic host's It Was with You All Along speech, spoken tenderly in contrast to the subject matter.
    Open Mic Host: (regarding Satan) He's that little voice in your head that says fuck you to the people you hate.
  • Jables offering KG, and only KG, as Satan's prize should he win the rock-off. It's done in song, but there's a brief exchange done in prose when KG protests:
    KG: WHAT?
    Jables: Trust me Kage, it's the only way.
  • As in the show, Lee is a massive fan and loves Tenacious D about a hundred times more than anyone around him. During "History", while the rest of the patrons are either somewhat into it or completely unimpressed, Lee can be see shaking his head in disbelief of how awesome they are.
  • The break-in to the Rock and Roll History Museum. Jables thinks he's being a ninja, then we cut to him showing up on every security camera. The reason he isn't caught immediately? The security guards are too busy sharing blatantly false tales of their badassary while passing around a joint.
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  • The contrived situation that puts Jables at waist height to a laser shutdown button but unable to move. KG, advises on a Chekhov's Skill from earlier: "The cock... use... the cock." What makes this is that he says it in a dramatic Mentor Archetype voice.

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