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Headscratchers / Tenacious D in The Pick of Destiny

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  • If Satan was banished to hell until he was complete again, how was he able to roam the Earth at all (in the form of the open mic night host)? Was he just unable to use all his powers until he was complete again, but still able to have some influence on Earth?
    • Obviously he has some influence on Earth... rock'n'roll is still around, isn't it? Maybe the open mic host sold his soul to the Devil for something, and it let the Devil walk around using him as a skinsuit. No awesome devil powers but he was able to help manipulate two idiots into getting his tooth for him. Maybe he was the dude in the music store too.
  • Who technically won the rock-off? The D did a pretty impressive job, considering that they couldn't conjure skyscraper-sized subwoofers out of thin air like Satan could. Sure, he declared them the losers, but it's possible that he would've done that anyway, since he's the devil and all.
    • in the deleted scenes it shows that The D were kicked out of their apartment, going to live with Lee, the conditions of the rock off was that they MUST beat him in the rock off (they didn't they used his horn and a spell) in order for him to pay their rent, plus if they weren't lame the devil would of said so seeing as its hinted that even he must bend to the rules of a rock off, remember outside of themselves its been established they have, ONE fan, no real songs execpt the one they sang for open mic, and the quest for the pick seems to imply they know that they are no good at all, remember in the movie, they sing a total of two songs infront of people. in their universe i think their style is generally not great.
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    • Yeah, Tenacious D lost, they just then proceeded to beat the Devil in another fashion. Anyone claiming elsewise is pretty much not getting that the whole joke about the in-character band Tenacious D is that they kinda suck.
    • The competition also said it was a rock-off, not a metal-off. So while Tenacious D sucks, they still went by the rules of the competition. The Devil, while certainly better, didn't even bother playing the right genre of music. From there his own magic backfired on him when he tried to zap Kage (potentially due to the challenge cursing him), which then severed his horn and you know the story from there.
      • No. Tenacious D just kind of sucks.

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