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He ordered his hot sauce an hour ago.
  • The Protagonist beats the tar out of the thugs Andrei Sator sent to beat him up after he met Kat. The one at the steering wheel of the car they sent to pick Kat up is expecting the Protagonist to be thrown out the backdoor... and sees one of his colleagues getting kicked out instead. Cue the thug having an understated Oh, Crap! and driving away, but with the damage to Sator's power over Kat already done.
  • While the Protagonist has a conversation with Priya, Neil is holding the arms dealer's security guards at gunpoint. One of them was eating his dinner and stopped doing so with his plate still in his hands, but Neil, still holding everyone at gunpoint, gently and genuinely encourages him to eat it.
    Neil: Don't let it get cold.
  • This bit of Snark-to-Snark Combat between the Protagonist and Sir Michael.
    Protagonist: You Brits don't exactly have a monopoly on snobbery, you know.
    Sir Michael: Well, not a monopoly. More of a controlling interest.
  • When the Protagonist finally meets with Sator, his bodyguard pats him down. From the following remark, it gets a little too personal.
    Protagonist: Whoa, fella. Where I'm from, you buy me dinner first.
  • Thinking that the Protagonist is sleeping with his wife,note Sator spends a few minutes describing the way he will torture him to death. The thoroughly unimpressed Protagonist points out that his plan seems like an overly complex way to kill someone.
    • ...which leads to this priceless exchange later.
    Sator: Next word out of your mouth is a bullet to the head.
    Protagonist: No balls in my throat?
  • Just before he tips the shipment of gold bullion onto the runway, one of Mahir's Caper Crew members steals a gold bar for himself. At least he wasn't working for Sator!
    • After the gold is dropped onto the runway, one of the airport workers tries to do the same thing, but gets stopped by police/security.
  • There's just something disturbingly amusing at the sight of Mahir and Kat speeding away from Sator's yacht with Sator's body being dragged along behind their boat, arms splayed out almost angelically.
    • Before that: Sator's death is a satisfying moment for Kat, but many have found his body flopping into the sea to be hilarious. Helped by this being Sator, of course.
  • When Priya asks The Protagonist if he's familiar with the Manhattan Project he doesn't even nod affirmatively, more just narrows his eyes and almost... huffs, impatiently, as if to wordlessly convey "Yes. Of course I am. Get to the point."


Meta/In The Making of Tenet

  • This interview with Nolan and JDW by CinemaBlend reveals a Noodle Incident when Nolan caught JDW with paprika-flavored Pringles, even though JDW was supposed to be slim enough to fit into a business suit. Everybody, even Nolan, busted up laughing at the hints.
  • This interview by Twinkle Khanna (Dimple Kapadia's daughter) has a few good laughs, but one highlight is what Twinkle's six-year-old daughter exclaimed when she and her brother learned about palindromes from their mother: "Poop!" Nolan took it in stride, saying that could be the name of the sequel!


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